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Catch this one for a great read!

 I'm a long time fan of Lisa Gardner and her recurring character, Boston PD Detective D.D. Warren, is a favourite. Gardner's latest book featuring D.D.

No holds barred, gritty read

 Okay, it was the tag line on the cover of The Dispatcher that grabbed me first....

"The phone rings. It's your daughter. She's been dead for four months."

....and the story held me gripped until the last page.

Ian Hunt is a police dispatcher in a small town in Texas.

Jack Reacher fans - have you met Joe Pike yet?


I am always so excited when Robert Crais releases a new book - I just know I'm in for a night of great reading. Yes, a night - because once I start, I can't stop until I turn the last page. Crais' latest book - Taken - was no exception!

Dark and devious plotting....


Have you read or heard of Mo Hayder? Well, if you're a thriller/mystery/crime addict, you'll want to look her up.

If you like locked room mysteries...

I had never heard of Anne Holt  before - she's described as Norway's #1 bestselling crime writer. After finishing her latest book 1222, I can see why.

The Informationist

Missing Lisbeth Salander? Meet Vanessa Monroe.

Murder at Mansfield Park - by Lynn Shepherd

In this murder-mystery mash-up of Jane Austen's classic Mansfield Park, Fanny Price isn't the meek woman you may recall, but a spoiled, condescending, and generally hated heiress. Then there's Mary Crawford, who's become a sweet-natured young lady.

Five star Canadian Mystery!

Well you may remember me raving about Inger Ash Wolfe's first book - The Calling.  Trust me - I raved and I've been waiting for the sequel.

If you like Janet Evanovich's mysteries, then try ...

Agnes is a food writer in the humorous Agnes and the Hitman who's hit more than one cheating man with a pan.

Shane kills people for a living. The two meet when someone breaks into Agnes' old southern mansion and threatens her with a gun. Despite Agnes' skill with a skillet, Shane's uncle, an ex-mobster, calls him home to Keyes, South Carolina, in order to protect Agnes. Sparks fly between the two even as more strangers with guns show up and Agnes prepares the house for her