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Best YA Books of 2011

As we approach the end of another spectacular year of young adult books, be sure to take a look at what some teens have voted as the Best YA Books of 2011 and then head on in to a library near you to borrow anything you may have missed! Merry Reading everyone and Happy Holidays!

To Pledge or Not to Pledge

Have you taken the pledge?  Taking a pledge is usually a good thing, like pledging to take a stand against bullying.  Go to to find out more about this.

But sometimes taking a pledge can be a dangerous thing, when the oppressed become the oppressor. In With or Without You, Brian Farrey's new book, this is what best friends Evan and Davis find out when they join the Chasers, a victims' rights group that promises protection and status in their small, conservative community. 

Contests Galore

Love to Read, Write and Win? Enter the Teen Reads sixth annual Holiday Cheer Contest and win a Bundle of Holiday Reading and Fun OR why not enter The Canadian Children’s Book Centre Writing Contest for Kids & Teens in celebration of TD Canadian Children’s Book Week 2012. Finally, do you a have a story to tell? Enter the Girls with Grit Writing Contest! Click on the links for deadlines, details, rules and regulations. Good Luck!


Penguin Young Readers has a fantastic download section where you can download apps for your favourite series or scroll through the digital e-sampler and read excerpts from a variety of hot new titles. If you like what you see...

Unleash the Werewolf

If you are still hungry for wolves after finishing The Wolves of Mercy Falls Trilogy (how can you not love Shiver) and with Breaking Dawn Part 1 premiering this weekend, then why not

Graphic Novel Greatness!

If you didn't think the library would have Graphic Novels well we do! Be sure to browse LPL’s fantastic collection where you'll find everything from Julius Caesar to Shonen Jump and discover just how exciting this genre can be! Then check out the Graphic Novel Reporter, a great resource for all things graphic novels!

The Best of Romance

Looking for a little Romance? LPL has created an "Affairs of the Heart" page - just for teens - to make finding that "perfect read" so much easier. And if your romantic preference leans more to Angels and Vampires, try this fantastic book list "Best Paranormal Romance Books of all Time." Don't forget to add your own book recommendations to this list as well!

Here Comes Halloween

Check out LPL's spooktacular list of Horror Stories that will be sure to keep you up at night! Happy Halloteen!

Blogging 1,2,3

One of the great ways to find out what is new and exciting in the Young Adult book world is to read blogs. Listed below are some great ones to start with. - a contemporary and realistic blog, great for those who are tired of all the vampire and paranormal books. - focuses on Canadian content and authors.

The Divergent Choice!

Which faction would you choose on your sixteenth birthday? Amity, because you’re the peacekeeper in your family or Candor, because you’re honest and you know you can’t lie? No clue what I’m talking about? Then you haven’t read the exciting, heart pounding, sci fi dystopian thriller Divergent by Veronica Roth.