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Get Crafty

Book Cover ImageHave some time on your hands this summer?  Love to make things?  Check out our

MAKE SpinBots (9-13 years)

MAKE SpinBots (9-13 years)

2:30-4pm, Friday, July 5th, Central Library, Teen Annex

Art and electronics combine in our new Spinbots program! Build these triple-armed pen-grasping robots as a group, and then watch them spin in circles to draw elaborate geometric and artistic shapes for you to take home.Register early to get a spot, or come down to the Teen Annex at the Central Library and watch the action! 

Get Caught Reading this summer -- join now!

Thanks to everyone who came out to register for  Get Caught Reading  on Saturday!  Want to join?

Chris Hadfield back on Earth

book cover of Canadian in SpaceAs Chris Hadfield, first Canadian to command the International Space Station (ISS) , has landed safely back on Earth; many young people got inspired by his mission. He Tweeted photos, talked to schoolchildren, strummed his guitar and provided videos about daily life on the station.

White Pine Review: Witchlanders

Book Cover ImageIn Witchlanders by Lena Coakley,  Ryder and his mother have always laughed at those who believe in the prophecies she would read for them but things have changed since his father's death.  His mother, who left the witch coven where she grew up long ago, has been taking her readings more seriously and she warns of

Red Maple Review: You Just Can't Help It!

You Just Can't Help It book cover imageLaughter really is the best medicine.  Did you know that laughter improves the heart muscle?  Did you also know that kissing gives lip muscles a workout?  Just don't kiss any poison dart frogs - one type has enough poison to

Red Maple Fiction Review: The Vampire Stalker

Book Cover Image: The Vampire Stalker

Alexander Banks is The Vampire Stalker in the popular Otherworld book series by Allison van Diepen. Amy and her friends, along with millions of fans, are crazy about the books and fantasize about the dreamy hero vampire.

Red Maple Fiction Review: The Vindico

The VindicoWhat kind of super power would you like to have?  Super strength?  Mind reading?  Ability to leap over tall buildings?  In Wesley King's The Vindico, five teens are kidnapped and offered super powers.  The only catch is they will have to become Supervillains and fight against the League of Heroes.  Their initiation is pretty intense and

White Pine Review: The Way We Fall

Book Cover Image:  The Way We FallIt all began innocently enough: a persistent itch; a tickle in the back of your throat; a cough; a sneeze - nothing to worry about. Then the fever and delirium set in.

When the Islanders first started getting sick, nobody was overly concerned. Sixteen-year-old Kaelyn felt confident that her father and the other experts at the hospital would take care of things. People got sick all of the time and then they got better. But as more and more previously healthy people went into the hospital

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