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Red Maple Fiction Review: The Vampire Stalker

Book Cover Image: The Vampire Stalker

Alexander Banks is The Vampire Stalker in the popular Otherworld book series by Allison van Diepen. Amy and her friends, along with millions of fans, are crazy about the books and fantasize about the dreamy hero vampire.

Red Maple Fiction Review: The Vindico

The VindicoWhat kind of super power would you like to have?  Super strength?  Mind reading?  Ability to leap over tall buildings?  In Wesley King's The Vindico, five teens are kidnapped and offered super powers.  The only catch is they will have to become Supervillains and fight against the League of Heroes.  Their initiation is pretty intense and

White Pine Review: The Way We Fall

Book Cover Image:  The Way We FallIt all began innocently enough: a persistent itch; a tickle in the back of your throat; a cough; a sneeze - nothing to worry about. Then the fever and delirium set in.

When the Islanders first started getting sick, nobody was overly concerned. Sixteen-year-old Kaelyn felt confident that her father and the other experts at the hospital would take care of things. People got sick all of the time and then they got better. But as more and more previously healthy people went into the hospital

Red Maple Nonfiction Review: The Sea Wolves

Book Cover of the Sea Wolves Living Wild in the Great Bear RainforestIf you are a fan of wolves you cannot pass this book up.  The Sea Wolves:  Living Wild in the Great Bear Rainforest follows the little known Coastal Wolves that live in the Great

Red Maple Fiction Review: The Secret Life of Money

Book cover: The Secret Life of MoneySaving, spending, borrowing money. Any questions you have about money are revealed in The Secret Life of Money by Kira Vermond. Does money truly make the world go round? Is it better to borrow money or to save up ahead of time? Find out how credit

Teen Resumes 101

Are you looking for work or starting to think about a summer job?  Do you complete applications, but don't hear back?  A solid resume is an effective tool for getting noticed by employers.  Drop in to the Central Library's Tonda Room for one of our resume writing workshops with Youth Opportunites Unlimited.  Workshops run from 2:30 - 4:00 pm on the second Thursday of the month and include a brief prese

White Pine Review: The Opposite of Tidy

link to  the opposite of tidy The Opposite of Tidy by Carrie Mac opens with a stomach-turning description of 15 year old Junie’s home where piles of takeout food boxes fight for space with unopened home-shopping-channel purchases, dirty laundry and old newspapers.  Junie’s mother is sinking deeply into mental illness and is unable to notice anything beyond

Red Maple Fiction Review: The Town That Drowned

Book Cover The Town That DrownedGliding, skating, twirling, and jumping, and then, near the shore, a crack...

Red Maple Review: Running to Extremes

Book Cover Image:  Running to ExtremesIt’s hard to say what sounds crazier, running non-stop for 160 kilometers in the middle of a Yukon winter in sub-zero temperatures or running 243 kilometers across the Sahara Desert in temperatures which can soar to nearly 50 degrees Celsius! Ray Zahab would probably have agreed that both of these challenges sound crazy and yet he also knew that he just had to try them. Having never run in a regular marathon in his life

White Pine Fiction Teens: Way to Go

Like every other seventeen-year-old living in a small Canadian town, Danny has no idea what to do with his life once he graduates.  His immediate future doesn't look that promising either, according to his friends.  Who hasn't felt awkward around the opposite sex, especially when your friends are pushing you to do things you are not comfortable with?

But all that changes when Danny suddenly finds himself at the beginning of the summer, working for