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Traces of Guilt

book cover image: Traces of Guilt

Dee Henderson's Traces of Guilt  (available in print or as an e-book) is a great mix of police procedural and romance. 

The story of Ujjal Dosanjh

book cover image: journey after midnight

In Journey after midnight : India, Canada and the road beyond you will literally follow the life journey of Ujjal Dosanjh from a poor child in rural India to Canadian Attorney General and then Premier of British Columbia. 

Remembering Katrina

book cover image: Katrina: after the flood

Gary Rivlin's book Katrina: after the flood traces the storms immediate damage and then chronologues it's lasting effects. 

"The Girls" Has The Buzz This Summer!

The Girls

If there’s one book that’s generating a lot of buzz this summer, it’s Emma Cline’s The Girls.

Discover unusual spots in Ontario

book cover image: Discover Ontario

For frequent travelers and even first adventurers there are some unique and unusual sites to see right here in Ontario.

Get ready to preserve

book cover image: foolproof preserving

Are you ready?  I'm not.  Not yet, anyway.  It always takes me awhile to get ready for canning and preserving

The West And The Rest?

book cover image The Silk Roads

One leading scholar says its time to re-write the history books, this time looking East.

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