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Downton's Dame

book cover image Maggie Smith

"What is a weekend?" Only Maggie Smith could ask that question and not look foolish.

tai chi

Great series set in Ontario


book cover

I have been eagerly awaiting the fourth book in Inger Ash Wolfe's fantastic Hazel Micallef series - The Night Bell. I got my hands on a copy - and devoured it in two days. I will now be eagerly awaiting the fifth book!

How well do you know your ex?

Book Cover Image - The Ex

I don't even look at the flyleaf when I see Alafair Burke's name on the cover - I just know I'm going to enjoy it. Burke's latest is The Ex. 

tai chi


book cover image Geography of Genius

Do postal codes determine destiny?

WW2 Historical Fiction

book cover

I'm a frequent reader of historical fiction and my favourite books in this genre tend to be set in and around the Second World War.
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