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We Have Lift Off

book cover image Spaceman

What is it really like to travel in space? Kirkus Reviews says "Massimino makes having “the right stuff” both breathtaking and formidable."

The "Miracle on Ice"

cover image: Of miracles and men

The newly released DVD Of miracles and men is your chance to watch one of the greatest games in sports history.

And he scores!

book cover image: now I'm catching on

"It is Joe Sakic. Scores!  Jeee-oe ... Sakic ... scores!  And that makes it 5-2 Canada.  Surely, that's gotta be it."

Young Man In A Hurry

book cover image Hero of the Empire

South Africa gave Winston Churchill his fourth taste of war. He was twenty four years old.

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The Big Bang Theory

book cover image: The Science of TV's the Big Ban Theory: Explanations even Penny would understand

Well, this book is, and isn't, about science. It is more about our interest in science and all things scientific.