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To Be Or Not To Be ... Black

book cover image A Chosen Exile

"Passing" began after the US Civil War. It didn't stop for a very long time, afterwards.

Great plotting from this Canadian author

Cover Image - Hungry Ghosts

I am a huge fan of Peggy Blair's Inspector Ramirez series. The third book - Hungry Ghosts - has just released.

What a great debut - I loved it!

Cover Image - A Robot in the Garden

Oh, do you ever get that tingly little feeling after a few pages of a new book? And realize you've just re prioritized your to-do list so you can keep reading?

Canada's First Enclosed Mall

Wellington Square Wooden Nickel

55 years ago at 10:30 am on Thursday August 11th, 1960, Wellington Square opened as the first enclosed downtown mall in North America on the block bounded by Clarence, King, Wellington and York streets.

Hitler's Minister of Propaganda

book cover image: Goebbels

With the 1992 discovery of the microfilmed Goebbels diaries in an archive in Russia and the resultant publising of a massive 29 volume German language edition Peter Longerich, a German history professor in London, is the first academic to fully utilize Goebbels' writings.

I love a good cowboy story

book cover image: crossfire trail

Louis L'Amour

If you like a good western story you already know that Louis L'Amour is tops in his field. 

Language matters

book cover image: language matters

Language matters is not only an unequivocal statement it is the title of a documentary that asks questions such as "What do we lose when a language dies?". 

Elephant Song

I don't want to give anything away about this movie so it will have to suffice it to say that in Elephant Song the relationship between a psychiatrist and one of his patients figures prominently in the plot line. 

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