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Finally!! A Ring Road for London

With the official opening of  Highway 401 from Eastwood  to Tempo on May 31st, 1957 and the extension of Highway 401 to Toronto in 1960, there was an increased interest in creating a quicker way of travelling through or around London.  In the 1950s and early 1960s, Highbury Avenue (formerly Asylum Side Road) was the major north-south artery for the city east of Adelaide Street.  At the time Highbury Avenue stopped at the south branch of the Thames River.  On December 9th, 1963, the Highbury Avenue Extension to Highway 401 was opened.  London city council named

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book cover image When Britain Burned the White House

The 1814 invasion of Washington, DC.

Tess is back!

Book cover image - Hush Hush

Oh, did I do a happy dance when I heard there was a new Tess Monoghan book coming from Laura Lippman! Hush Hush

Franklin: two talks

Franklin talks

Monday, March 23
Monday, May 4.

Cead Mile Failte: A Hundred Thousand Welcomes!!

4 leaf clovers

180 years ago, a formal St. Patrick's Day dinner was held in London at the Mansion House Hotel

Considering going vegan?

Fruits and vegetable in heart shape

We have a wide array of books and DVDs on the topic of vegan diet.

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