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Great series

Book cover image - Close Your Eyes

Close Your Eyes is the newest - and 8th- book in Michael Robotham's Joseph O'Loughlin series.

Hollywood Saint

book cover image Aimee Semple McPherson

The "most famous woman in America" was born and raised just outside Ingersoll.

Windows 10

Windows 10





If you use a PC you are possibly already using Windows 10.  If not, you soon will be as Microsoft transitions to the one operating system for all their computers and stops providing support for previous versions.

A great book for lazy gardeners

fine gardening

I have got to admit -  I might be the laziest gardener in the city, perhaps the province. 

A New Way to See Art

San Francisco's Museum of Modern Art, SFMOMA, has introduced a new app that tracks your location in the museum and tells you what you're seeing as you wander through.

Sacks & Violence

book cover image Not In God's Name

Why does religion seem to beget violence? A best-selling rabbi tackles a global issue.

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