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The Children's Crusade

Book cover The Children's Crusade

I've noticed this book listed on many websites as one to watch. It is also listed on the upcoming Fiction A to Z newsletter

Under The Radar

book image cover The Wright Brothers

Their first flight didn't even make the daily news.

Life (and death) is bigger in Texas

Book cover image: The Wrong Carlos: Anatomy of a Wrongful Execution

They say everything is bigger in Texas and that also seems to apply to legal blunders. 

Traffic Towers on Dundas Street

Traffic tower on Dundas street

90 years ago on May 20th, 1925, London's first red-amber-green traffic signal system went into service. 

Annual Report

London Public Library 2014 Annual Report to the Community
A Message from your Board Chair and CEO

Online newspapers from 90 countries and in 44 languages, storytimes in the pool, a blue and white bus brimming with high-tech and handmade creativity, were a few of the many ways that your Library reached  out 

St. Peter's Seminary

St. Peter's Seminary
Image to be added


Margaret Fullerton

Margaret A. Fullerton (1908-1991)

Margaret Fullerton 

Photo credit: Ivey Family London Room, London Public Library, Bill Barrett, from London Canada Coronation Souvenir (London, 1953), p. 32

Potrait of Margaret Fullerton

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