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Heritage Fair 2015

heritage fair 2015

Interested in London's war experience?

You're invited....

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….to a free public lecture by Alberto Manguel!

cycling in london

cycling in london tuesday march 17 7-8 pm cherryhill library

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The First Green Wave

book cover image: the first green wave

In 1969, litter was pervasive alongside Ontario's highways, smokestacks belched toxins into the air, and, just across Lake Erie, sludge in the Cuhyahoga River caught fire. 

Chocolate, Love and London

Sweet Marie Sheet Music 

One evening in July 1891, widower Cy Warman walked his girlfriend, Myrtle Marie Jones,

we love birds

we love birds sherwood february 21 2:30 to 3:30 pm

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Honest Abe

book cover image Lincoln

Log cabin beginnings.

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