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Introducing…O’Brien’s Online! At London Public Library, we now have online access to a collection of provincial and federal legal forms useful for wills, leases, family law documents, trusts, and more.

Home design

book cover image: Home

When looking for unique ideas or some inspiration in home decorating and design Ellen DeGeneres' new book Home offers a personal look at every room in the house.

Humble Beginnings

book cover image Lincoln

David Herbert Donald's Lincoln is an original portrait.

A great psychological thriller!

book cover image

I don't read thrillers all that often but Ruth Ware's In a dark, dark wood seemed to call to me. There's just something about a psychological thriller that makes the story that much more intriguing!

Fallible Fidel

book cover image Castro

As the USA gets friendlier with Cuba, one graphic novel tries to portray Fidel Castro, warts and all.

A fast-paced read

book cover image

Ally Hughes has sex sometimes is the debut novel from Jules Moulin, writer of the television shows Party of Five and The West Wing.
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