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Discovery Western's Legendary LittleBits

Discovery Western's Legendary LittleBits  (7–12 yrs)
Saturday September 26, 10:30 am–12 noon
Cherryhill Branch Library
Registration opens Sept. 12

Playful Machines with Let's Talk Science

Playful Machines with Let's Talk Science
(7–11 yrs)
 Wednesday September 26, 2:30–4 pm
Central Library

Bill 31, It's in effect

The Making Ontario's Roads Safer Act is now in effect.  The changes to Ontario's Highway Traffic Act include new safety measures for cycling, stiffer penalities for distracted driving and added safety for tow truck drivers.  I'm fine with any deterient that will make road safety a priority for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.  


Tanis Rideout

TANIS RIDEOUT is a poet and novelist whose first novel Above All Things was a Canadian bestseller, a Globe and Mail Best Book and a New York Times Editor’s Choice.

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