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Autumn Gardening

Well gardeners, it’s that time of year again!  Whether we like it or not, it’s time to start thinking about readying our gardens for the “W” season (I just can’t bring myself to say that word yet).  It’s been such a glorious autumn that thinking about this is almost painful, but if we want our gardens to be even better next year…and what gardener doesn’t?, we have to do a few things. 

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Book a Computer

Internet Reservation is currently unavailable as we upgrade to a new reservation system to begin in late fall. Internet computers are available on a  first- come, first-serve serve basis at your Library for 75 minute blocks per day. All you need is a valid London Public Library card.

For more information about computers and computer use at your library, visit All about Computers.


Find Books in the Catalogue

There are two ways to start searching our catalogue. You can either click the button found on the top of any page or you can use the built-in search on the top right of the the catalogue box

To use the built-in search, type in your title, author or subject and click Go!. This search will look for those words in the records.  A list of results will be displayed on a new page.

Renew my Items

You may renew materials, except those which are:

  • Quick Picks
  • overdue
  • in high demand
  • on hold

Items may be renewed by bringing them into ANY library location with your borrower's card, through our web site, or by calling the library at 519-661-4600 (please be prepared to provide the number on your library card when telephoning). Renewable items can be renewed three times. Fines owing on library cards can affect your ability to renew materials. Fine Rates.

Freeze my Holds

You can "freeze" your unfilled holds when you will not be able to pick them up due to vacations or other reasons. Freezing the hold means that you will be passed over each time the hold comes up, but your hold will remain in the system.

NOTE: the freeze will not work if the STATUS is IN TRANSIT or Ready. Must pick up by... or if you are already #1 in the hold list. When you are ready to receive the holds again, simply un-freeze your hold by un-ticking the Freeze Hold box to the RIGHT of the title and selecting the Unfreeze button.

Check my account online

To Log in to your account follow this link (you may want to bookmark it). 

  • Enter your first name followed by your last name.
  • In the box below enter your full library card number.
  • Click the “Go!” button.

Once you have logged in you will see three links on the left hand side that contain details of your account.

Yes, you absolutely need a cover letter

You spent all morning wrestling with the latest version of word processing software to create and fine tune your résumé. Then you spent all afternoon searching the Internet for job postings or tracking down contact information for companies you’d like to apply to. Now you’re ready to grab the bull by the horns and get those résumés out!