A month has passed since school began and that means our children are bringing home homework and project assignments. For some lucky parents, their children are naturally organized and seem to be able to, from grade one, manage their own deadlines and pace their work so that those parents very rarely ever need to get involved in the daily homework routine. But for other parents, our children need a little extra help staying organized and on top of assignment deadlines.

Pond Mills


Teen Advisory Committee
Interested in helping to shape the library's services to teens? If so, we want you! Come to one of our meetings and bring your ideas and opinions. We welcome your ideas to help create a space that you and other teens will find appealing, as well as suggestions for programs, popular books, music and movies, and our Teen Annex website. (Members of TAC can use their time spent on this group as part of their community volunteer hours.) Telephone us for more information.


Children and Families

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Do you like knitting?

I always enjoy greeting the people who drop in to the Central Library on Wednesday mornings to participate in our  free “Knitters Helping Knitters” program which runs from 10am to noon, every Wednesday until December 12th.

Reading on the Go

One of the misconceptions that people hold about library employees is that we get to read on the job. Unfortunately, this is not true. You may see us reading, but it’s not a juicy mystery or the latest Oprah pick . More likely it’s a book about books, the latest research or industry news, or a great item we’re skimming so we can recommend it to people like you.

Kill-A-Watt Energy Usage Monitors are here!

October 26, 2007 - Have you ever received your electric utility bill and wondered how much electricity each appliance used and how much it costs to operate annually?

Curious about meditation?

In the past, meditation was seen only as a practice of eastern religions but it has become a popular technique in the west since the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi introduced Transcendental Meditation to the west in the late 1950’s. Now there are many techniques, including Vipassana Meditation that you can study. Millions of people practice some form of meditation every day.

Lost in the Forest

Have you ever judged a book by its cover? Well, I have; I’ll admit it! This is how I chose to read Lost in the Forest by Sue Miller. The cover caught my eye.



remembering the bones

When I found out that Frances Itani was coming to the Central library this fall I decided to check out her newest title. I must admit, I’ve never read Frances Itani before, but I truly enjoyed this novel and I think you will too.