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Genealogical Epitaphs: Family History on a Graves

Beginning your Research

Research your Family History
Starting your Research

First, determine the location in which to search (local? other county? outside of Ontario?) and approximately the time period.

World War I

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Decades - Wikipedia
An excellent source of information.  Index to information by Decades from 1690 BC to the 2190s! Click on the Decade and history will be revealed!

Fashion-era contains 595 content rich, illustrated pages of Fashion History, Costume History, Clothing, Fashions and Social History.

World History


BBC History pages
Extensive list of historical persons; BBC site concentrating on Ancient History, British history (Tudors, Victorians ..., WWI, WWII and recent history (Sept.11, Iraq)

Best of History Web Sites
Portal for students, educators, and enthusiasts covering Prehistory onwards. Websites are rated; includes teaching ideas.

Canadian History

 Canadian Encyclopedia

The Canadian Encyclopedia includes 14,000 articles in each official language on numerous subjects including history, popular culture, events, people, places, politics, arts, First Nations, sports and science. The website also provides access to the Encyclopedia of Music in Canada, The Canadian Encyclopedia Junior Edition and Timelines of Canadian history.


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General Books on Religions