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Government and Law

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We offer programs related to Government and Current Events such as lectures and workshops. View them here.


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We offer related programs to Genealogy such as lectures and workshops.

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London Room information is found in Local History


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We offer programs related to History such as book talks, lectures and worshops. View them all here.

Government Documents in History

Social Sciences and Humanities

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In the Government Documents section on the 2nd Floor of the Central branch library, you will find a wealth of federal and provincial information to meet your Social Science research needs. One example is Status of Women - the Standing Committee on the Status of Women publishes occasional reports highlighting trends and developments relating to the status of women in Canada.


Science Online

Browse the library's free downloadable collection of e-books,


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Classical Music

Popular Music


Jazz for the People

Thirty-nine years ago London pianist Grant Graham founded the Jazz for the People concert series.  In 1986 Sandy MacKay became Music Director of this free program which features local and regional Jazz musicians


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Art, Theatre and Dance

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We offer many programs related to "Art, Theatre and Dance" such as art exhibits, painting classes and lectures.