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Title: In the wild light Author:Zentner, Jeff
In the wild light
Zentner, Jeff
Title: Devil in the device Author:Johnson, Lora Beth
Devil in the device
Johnson, Lora Beth
Title: Edie in between Author:Sibson, Laura
Edie in between
Sibson, Laura
Title: The Riviera House Author:Lester, Natasha
The Riviera House
Lester, Natasha
Title: A slow fire burning Author:Hawkins, Paula
A slow fire burning
Hawkins, Paula
Title: Red X Author:Demchuk, David
Red X
Demchuk, David
Title: You can run : a novel Author:Cleveland, Karen
You can run : a novel
Cleveland, Karen
Title: The bitter taste of murder Author:Trinchieri, Camilla
The bitter taste of murder
Trinchieri, Camilla
Title: The dating playbook Author:Rochon, Farrah
The dating playbook
Rochon, Farrah
Title: The second woman Author:Philby, Charlotte
The second woman
Philby, Charlotte
Title: Shot caller Author:Danna, Jen J
Shot caller
Danna, Jen J
Title: About us Author:Moriarty, Sin?ad
About us
Moriarty, Sin?ad
Title: Crimson flower Author:Kindt, Matt
Crimson flower
Kindt, Matt
Title: While nobody is watching Author:Dunne, Michelle
While nobody is watching
Dunne, Michelle
Title: I dare you Author:Ross, Jeff
I dare you
Ross, Jeff
Title: The Hawthorne legacy Author:Barnes, Jennifer
The Hawthorne legacy
Barnes, Jennifer
Title: Poison for breakfast Author:Snicket, Lemony
Poison for breakfast
Snicket, Lemony
Title: High stakes Author:Johansen, Iris
High stakes
Johansen, Iris
Title: Ghosts : a novel Author:Alderton, Dolly
Ghosts : a novel
Alderton, Dolly
Title: Have we met? : a novel Author:Baker, Camille
Have we met? : a novel
Baker, Camille
Title: Holdout : a novel Author:Kluger, Jeffrey
Holdout : a novel
Kluger, Jeffrey
Title: The Hollows Author:Edwards, Mark
The Hollows
Edwards, Mark
Title: The light of Luna Park Author:Armstrong, Addison
The light of Luna Park
Armstrong, Addison
Title: The Pariah Author:Ryan, Anthony
The Pariah
Ryan, Anthony
Title: Wait for it Author:McKinlay, Jenn
Wait for it
McKinlay, Jenn
Title: No grater crime. Author:Day, Maddie
No grater crime.
Day, Maddie
Title: Revelator Author:Gregory, Daryl
Gregory, Daryl
Title: At summer's end Author:Ellis, Courtney
At summer's end
Ellis, Courtney
Title: Be my ghost Author:Perry, Carol J
Be my ghost
Perry, Carol J
Title: What the cat dragged in Author:James, Miranda
What the cat dragged in
James, Miranda
Title: The madness of crowds Author:Penny, Louise
The madness of crowds
Penny, Louise
Title: Cajun kiss of death Author:Byron, Ellen
Cajun kiss of death
Byron, Ellen
Title: Coached in the act Author:Laurie, Victoria
Coached in the act
Laurie, Victoria
Title: Emily's house Author:Brown, Amy Belding
Emily's house
Brown, Amy Belding
Title: Murder at Wakehurst Author:Maxwell, Alyssa
Murder at Wakehurst
Maxwell, Alyssa
Title: The hit list Author:Seddon, Holly
The hit list
Seddon, Holly
Title: The duke heist. Author:Ridley, Erica
The duke heist.
Ridley, Erica
Title: 19 Yellow Moon Road Author:Michaels, Fern
19 Yellow Moon Road
Michaels, Fern
Title: Hooked on you Author:Fuller, Kathleen
Hooked on you
Fuller, Kathleen
Title: Out of mind : a novel Author:Bergen, David
Out of mind : a novel
Bergen, David
Title: The Godstone : a novel Author:Malan, Violette Anastasia
The Godstone : a novel
Malan, Violette Anastasia
Title: Feral creatures : a novel Author:Buxton, Kira Jane
Feral creatures : a novel
Buxton, Kira Jane

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