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Coffeehouse for Young Writers: Limericks! March 3rd

The Coffeehouse for Young Writers is back!  This month we'll be sharing limericks -- bring some to read, write some on your own, or in a group.  Coffee and snacks will be served.  This program is free.  Drop in!

Splatter Spray Pants! Sat. Feb. 27th, 2 pm!

Start digging in your closet and your dresser drawers for old and favorite jeans you want to reinvent!  No jeans on hand?  Check out the Goodwill, St. Vincent de Paul or Value Village, or Talize nearest you for a suitable pair!

Then, come on down to the Central Library on Saturday, February 27th!  Get creative with paint and splatter your own unique design on your jeans.  Be an original!

LOUD Howled the Wolf! Next LOUD Concert: March Break Monday!

Six of London's newest and best teen indie bands rocked the Wolf Hall on Saturday, Feb.

You Decide the Winner

If you are in high school and like to read, we've got a great