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PA Day!

kids playing

Be inspired... create, make and play with a variety of activities at your Library on November 17th!

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Fancy Envelopes


Carefully take apart an envelope and trace it onto fancy paper (think wrapping or scrapbooking paper).  Carefully fold and glue your envelope together and fill it with something special.

Leaf Rubbing Art

leaf rubbing

Start by gathering some leaves. Place them, bottom side facing up, on a flat surface and place your paper over top. Rub the side of a crayon or pencil gently over the area of the leaf until the outlines start to appear. Once you master the technique, you can experiment with rubbings from other objects and textures to create some really interesting artwork.

Make Your Own Puzzle


Print this puzzle template.   Draw a picture and colour it in.  Cut out all of the pieces and try to put your puzzle together again.

Sidewalk Chalk


Break out the sidewalk chalk for summer fun.  Draw silly pictures, mix colours, and practice printing or make your own hopscotch for more active play.  Don’t forget to ask an adult to help you choose a safe place to create your masterpiece.  Check out Chalk on the wild side for inspiration or to learn how to make your own chalk.