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Book Review

Blur: How to Know What's True in the Age of Information Overload

Book Cover for BlurThis book reminds me a bit of the panel discussion we had during the Indie Media Fair on the rise of citizen journalism. 

Worth Re-Reading

At first glance, Jerry Spinelli's Crash would seem to deal in stereotypes: the high school football hero who knocks down everyone in his path; and the classic schoolyard victim, a funny-looking boy who proves an all too easy target for the jock's roughshod bullying. But the dorky vegetarian possesses his own unique dignity; and the hard boiled jock discovers private reserves of moral courage. Spinelli's funny, moving story about an unlikely friendship is unexpectedly subtle and wise, not unlike its title character. 

Jay Z - Decoded

Decoded the book coverJay Z's book Decoded is a great story - part biography, part rhymes, part American Dream but with a full dose of reality.  I did not expect to enjoy this book a

Love, Inc by Yvonne Collins

Need a book to ring in the spring? Try the fun and hilarious book Love, Inc by Yvonne Collins about three girls who start 'Project Payback', a dating revenge service, after finding out they have been triple-timed by charming Eric.

Stock Your Freezer

book coverIf you are like me, you've been burned by cookbooks before. You know the ones - the cover looks great, lots of hype, the pictures are glossy and delicious-looking, but after buying it you only end up liking one or two of the recipes. So, now I rarely buy a cookbook without first test-driving a library copy. My most recent test drive was fabulous, and not only will I buy a copy for myself, but I may gift a few copies too.

Masterpiece - by Elise Broach

Book Cover ImageTwo families live in the Pompaday household: one consists of 11-year-old James Terik, his mother, and his stepfather, and the other is a family of beetles. James longs for attention from his family, while young Marvin the beetle longs for a little space from his overprotective clan.