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OverDrive on eReaders -

To read eBooks from OverDrive on your eReader (Kobo Aura/Touch/Glo/Mini, Sony Reader, etc.), you will need to download books to your computer and then transfer them to your device

Exception: With the Kobo Aura ONE, you can use OverDrive to borrow books directly from the Kobo catalogue. Learn how. Some titles may not be available for direct borrowing or syncing to the Kobo Aura ONE due to publisher restrictions on specific titles. In these cases, the title has to be transferred from a computer as described below.

1. Download Software

  • Go to the Adobe website
  • Download Adobe Digital Editions 3.0 for either PC or Mac and follow the steps provided
  • Once the software has downloaded, you will need to authorize it with an Adobe ID. If you don’t have one, use the link provided to create one
  • NOTE: The software and your device must be authorized with the same Adobe ID

2. Browse the Catalogue

  • In order to open the Library’s Digital Catalogue on your computer, go to
  • Click Sign in in the top right corner, and then sign in with your library card number, OverDrive ID or Facebook. We recommend always signing in by the same method
  • Scroll down the page to browse new and popular titles, as well as selections by genre or subject. Search for a specific title or author by clicking on Search in the top right corner
  • If an item isn’t currently available, place a hold to go on the waiting list. When your hold is ready you will be contacted by email
  • Find an eBook and borrow it. Borrowed books will appear under My Account -> Loans on the website

3. Download eBook

  • Download the eBook from your Loans. If there are multiple format options, we recommend EPUB over PDF
  • When the book finishes downloading it should automatically open in Adobe Digital Editions
  • If prompted, authorize your computer with an Adobe ID. If you don’t have one, use the link provided to create one

4. Transfer from Computer to eReader

  • Adobe Digital Editions might open in Reader View. If so, switch to Library View by clicking on Library and you will see the cover image of the eBook you downloaded
  • Connect your eReader to your computer. It will appear on the left hand side of Adobe Digital Editions
  • If prompted, authorize your device with the same Adobe ID as your computer
  • Drag (left click and hold) and drop the cover image to where it shows your eReader on the left hand side. This will complete the transfer
  • Disconnect your eReader and start reading

5. Return or Renew eBooks

eBooks automatically return on their due date.

If you wish to return an eBook early:

  • Go to your computer and open Adobe Digital Editions
  • Right-click (control-click for Mac) on the title you’d like to return. Select Return Borrowed Item, and then select Return to confirm

Renewing eBooks:

  • eBooks can’t be renewed when borrowed by this method
  • 3 days before a checked out item is due you can sign into your digital account and below the cover image it will have a Request again option. This allows you to place an advance hold on the title so that once it expires you can borrow it again immediately if there are no existing holds
  • The eBook will have to be downloaded and transferred to your device again after it is checked out to you once more

Sony eReaders

Sony closed their Reader Store in spring 2014. You can still use your Sony eReader to read library eBooks, but you will need to download Adobe Digital Editions software to your computer to transfer books. If you're using a Sony Reader and it isn't recognized by Adobe Digital Editions, you may need to install and use the Sony Reader software to transfer eBooks.

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