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Blanket forts: Perfect on a Cold Day!

book cover The Fort that Jack Built

The perfect indoor activity on a cold, cold day - build a blanket fort!  Why not read The Fort That Jack Built when you get inside?   Pillows, a blanket and clothespegs and twine and more  books to read -- no need to whine about the snow or having no place to go.  A  flashlight will help make the books easier to see.  Bring a few stuffed animals in and some toy dishes for a tea party!  So much fun!

Did you know?

Book cover image of Ripley's believe it or not! kids. 3 : fun facts & silly stories

Rats laugh when tickled; cranberries are sorted for ripeness by bouncing them;  some worms in Australia are over four feet (1.2 m) long; and a bunch of bananas is called a hand.

Ripley's believe it or not! kids. 3 : fun facts & silly stories is filled with little known and hard to believe facts and truths. 

Countdown to Kindergarten

Book Cover image of Countdown to kindergarten

Today is the last day to register for Full Day Kindergarten in the fall of 2015!

What an exciting time!  Starting school is a big step for little people and probably feels like an even bigger step for the people that love and support them.  What can you do to ensure that you are ready this September?

Tumblebook Library brings stories to life

Tumblebook Library Logo

Tumblebook Library brings stories to life…on your computer!

Your library card gives you access to this amazing online resource which includes fun animated picture books like Scaredy Squirrel and Diary of a Fly. Pre-readers are sure to love these fun animations of favourite story books.