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Things to Read

  • Sometimes I Feel Like a Fox

    Sometimes I Feel Like a Fox by Danielle Daniel

    Sometimes you feel sly and sharp like a fox and sometimes you feel delicate and free like a butterfly. Daniel Danielle's book invites children to explore Anishinaabe culture through her soft watercolour illustrations and simple poems.

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  • The Skeleton Tree

    The Skeleton Tree by Ian Lawrence

    The only thing Chris and Frank have in common is that they both know Jack, Chris’s daredevil uncle, who wants to take the boys on an adventure from Alaska to Canada, a year after Chris’s father dies. During a treacherous storm, Jack is killed, and the boys are stranded on the untamed Alaska coast to combat hunger, cold temperatures, bears, and wolves—to stay alive. The boys’ discovery of a mysterious “skeleton tree”with coffins in its branches neatly parallels their individual quests to make sense of recent losses and the lives they have left behind in this suspenseful and action packed novel.

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  • The Opposite Zoo

    It is for Opposite Zoo by Il Sung Na

    After the zoo closes, monkey leaves his cage to explore! Monkey sees some animals that are tall and some that are short, some that are noisy and some that are quiet. Read this book to meet the rest of the animals in the Opposite Zoo!

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  • Hungry Bird

    hungry bird kids book

    Bird is back and he’s just as dramatic as ever! He is hiking with his friends when his tummy rumbles and he discovers that no one has packed a snack that he likes! With every step, his hunger mounts until he collapses on the ground. How will Bird survive if he doesn't eat the perfect something this instant?!

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  • Garbage delight

    Garbage delight / poems by Dennis Lee ; pictures by Frank Newfeld

    Have you ever thought about what it's like to be a little bear who likes to eat leftover food from garbage bags and bins? Does eating smelly food from the garbage make you want to close your eyes and hold your nose? You will laugh out loud at the adventures of this little fellow as he jumps over fences and runs through backyards looking for his next treat.

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  • The Wild Robot

    The Wild Robot by Peter Brown

    Roz the robot has no idea how she came to be on an island with only wild animals for company. As far as she knows, it's her home. Peter Brown's book "Wild Robot" is an action-packed and humourous story with a twist on the typical shipwreck on a deserted island tale.

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  • Dragonfly Kites

    Dragonfly Kites by Tomson Highway

    Summer is the time to explore outdoors and let your imagination take you away from the everyday. In this picture book, written in both English and Cree, Joe and Cody love nothing more than flying dragonfly "kites" where they gently tie thread around the middle of dragonflies and then watch them soar off in the sky. In their dreams, they can soar right along with their kites.

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  • Tokyo Digs a Garden

    Tokyo digs a garden / Jon-Erik Lappano ; pictures by Kellen Hatanaka

    One day a young boy name Tokyo who lived in a big city was given three seeds by an old woman. Tokyo was told that the seeds would grow into whatever he wanted! What would you want the seeds to grow into?

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  • Explorers of the Wild

    Explorers of the wild / Cale Atkinson

    Join a fellow explorer and his new bear friend on their adventure through the wild! The two friends make lasting memories together as they hike through the woods, conquer mountains, and discover new things!

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  • The Nest

    The Nest by Kenneth Oppel

    If you like eerie and scary books then look no further than The Nest. Written for older children and illustrated by Jon Klassen, this book brings you into Steve's world of worry. He's worried about his very sick baby brother, his parents who are struggling to cope and about the wasp's nest hanging from the eaves. A mysterious wasp enters his dreams and all he is do to is say 'yes' to the wasp and his brother will be better... but could it be true? Does he dare? Once said, he can never take it back.

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  • Weird and Wild Animal Facts

    Weird and Wild Animal Facts by Jessica Loy

    There are plenty of books about unusual animals. This is a book about fourteen well-known animals-kangaroos, hippos, giraffes-who all have unusual characteristics. For instance, did you know that a kangaroo's kick can be deadly, that a giraffe can clean its own ears with its tongue, or that a hippo has teeth as long as a child's arm? This book, full of amazing photographs, is perfect for animal lovers of all ages.

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  • Groovy Joe. Ice cream & dinosaurs

    groovy joe book

    If you are a fan of Pete the Cat and his laid-back attitude, you’ll want to get to know Eric Litwin’s newest picture book star, Groovy Joe. A fun-loving dog with a tub full of ice cream, Groovy Joe, stars in Groovy Joe. Ice cream & dinosaurs, a silly celebration of sharing that will have you singing and giggling along.

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  • Walk on the Wild Side

    Walk on the Wild Side by Nicholas Oldland

    A bear, a moose, and a beaver begin a mountain-climbing adventure. As they race each other to the top, the friends experience a few troubles and so decide upon a better way to hike up the mountain.

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  • The rat

    The Rat by Élise Gravel

    One in a series of humorous books about disgusting creatures, The Rat is a look at the black rat. Find out about the rat's long, agile tail, long teeth and repulsive taste in food. If you're looking for a gross but fun read, check it out!

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  • The Bear Ate Your Sandwich
    The Bear Ate Your Sandwich by Julia Sarcone-Roach

    It all starts with a bear - and ends with a missing sandwich! You might get hungry following this bear's adventures as he travels from the forest to the city and meets a few other hungry animals. After all, who can resist a beautiful and delicious sandwich?

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  • Leroy Ninker Saddles Up

    Leroy Ninker Saddles Up by Kate DiCamillo

    Have you ever wanted to be a dancer? A magician? An astronaut? Well, Leroy Ninker saw a movie about cowboys and then he wanted to be a cowboy. He got himself a cowboy hat and boots, and a lasso, but he still needed one more thing ...

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  • Chalk on the Wild Side

    Chalk on the wild side / Lorie King Kaehler ; with photographs by Donna Starry

    Explore all of the fun things you can do with chalk! Learn how to make chalk that glows in the dark, foams, fizzes, and so much more. Full of amazing and fun activities that you can create with chalk, this book will keep you busy all summer long.

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  • Scribble

    Scribble / Ruth Ohi

    When Scribble appears in the orderly world of Square, Triangle, and Circle, they don't really know what to think of him. But when they invite Scribble to play with them they realize all of the wonderful, imaginative creations they can make together.

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  • This is Sadie

    This is Sadie by Sara O’Leary Illustrated by Julie Morstad

    Sadie is a little girl with a big imagination! In her short life she has been a girl who lived under the sea and a boy raised by wolves, a wonderland adventurer and a visitor to the world of fairy tales. This is Sadie, and this is her story.

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  • The Night Gardener by Terry Fan

    The Night Gardener by Terry Fan

    Something mysterious is happening on Grimloch lane. First William takes notice, then the entire town. Who is responsible for these magical creations?

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  • Bugopedia : the complete guide to everything insect : plus other creepy-crawlies

    Bugopedia : the complete guide to everything insect : plus other creepy-crawlies / with an introduction by entomologist Brendan Dunphy ; writer: James Buckley, Jr

    Did you know that many mantises are cannibals and eat their own species!? Or that ants can lift up to 50 times their own body weight!? Look at detailed pictures and find out more about all sorts of neat insects in this exciting book about bugs!

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  • Sidewalk Flowers

    Sidewalk flowers / JonArno Lawson ; Sydney Smith

    Sometimes picture books are no words and all pictures! In this heartwarming story, Sidewalk Flowers, a little girl walks with her father and picks sidewalk wildflowers. With kindness and wonder, she gives them away as gifts. She does not keep their beauty to herself, but instead shares the flowers with those who cross her path. She reminds us that when we see beauty in the world, we need to notice it, be grateful for it, and then pass on the joy to others.

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  • The Good Little Book

    The Good Little Book

    A boy and a book. How could that be interesting?! Unless, of course, you're a bored, bad boy and a good little book. They meet in a dusty old study but that's just the beginning. Soon everything changes.

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  • Please, open this book!

    Please, open this book! / by Adam Lehrhaupt ; pictures by Matthew Forsythe

    Urgent! SOS! Help! These animals (and one banana) are trapped inside this book! Only YOU can help them to get out, so hurry up and read this book today!

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  • Nanette's Baguette

    nanette's baguette book

    Today is the day Nanette gets to get the baguette! Is she set? YOU BET! Young readers will love Mo Willems’ hilarious new picture book about Nanette’s first solo trip to the bakery. Nanette’s Baguette is a riot, full of playful rhymes and a sing-song rhythm that will have you laughing-out-loud.

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  • Night animals

    Night animals / by Gianna Marino

    Somethings out there in the dark!

    Possum is hiding from the sounds in the night, and his fear sets off a chain reaction in the other night animals.
    “What could it possibly be?” asks Bat.
    “Night Animals!” the animals declare.
    “But you are night animals,” Bat informs this not-so-smart crew.

    A twist on a cozy bedtime story, perhaps best read with a flashlight.

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  • Friend or Foe: The Whole Truth about Animals That People Love to Hate

    Friend or Foe: The Whole Truth about Animals That People Love to Hate by Etta Kaner

    Rats, mosquitoes, bats, cockroaches, leeches, vultures — it’s easy to fear and despise them. But are they all bad? Friend or Foe takes a closer look at what we dislike about each of these unpopular animals, and then presents the flip side: these very same animals are often smart, helpful to humans and the environment, or inspiring to scientists.

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Things to Do

  • Lego Creation Station


    We provide the LEGO bricks, you provide the imagination! Drop in and build your masterpiece.

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  • Pine Cone Snowy Owl
    pine cone owl

    Here's an easy craft idea from
    Supplies needed: Pine cone, cotton balls, googly eyes, orange foam or paper, glue stick
    1) Pull apart cotton balls and stuff the pine cone with the cotton bits to make it look like snow.
    2) When your pine cone is white enough, glue on googly eyes and an orange triangle for a beak.
    3) Your snowy owl is done!
  • Make the Most of Winter!
    winter girl

    Here's some fun things to do on a wintry day

    -Read a book with an "W" in the title
    -Take a walk in the snow with your family
    -Write an acrostic poem using the word WINTER
    -Draw a picture of yourself playing in the snow
    -Make a snow angel
    -Play a board game with family or friends
    -Make a paper snowflake

  • Make a Bird Finger Puppet!

    Bird Craft

    Have a look at this fun and easy craft. Just print the PDF and you will be on your way!


  • Arm Knitting

Other Fun Stuff

  • Plum's Creaturizer

    App Icon

    Make your own fantastic creature including monsters, robots and wacky animals. Then take a picture outside to add to your creation to give it an unusual natural habitat. Lots of fun and creativity!

    (available for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android.  Free!)

  • National Geographic Kids

    Website image

    From weird and wacky animal facts to videos, stories and more, there is something for all animal and nature lovers on National Geographic Kids.

    Visit Website!

  • PebbleGo

    Website image

    Explore this fun and free database on the Library's website that lets you learn cool facts about animals and science. All you need is your library card number!

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  • WWF Together

    App Icon

    WWF Together brings you closer to amazing and endangered species than you ever could have imagined, letting you discover their lives and the work World Wildlife Fund does for them. Try out “tiger vision,” flap your wings like a migrating butterfly, and chop the panda’s bamboo.

    (available for iOS and Android devices.)

  • Art of Glow

    App Icon
    With the touch or twirl of your fingers, you can create amazing, colourful artwork that moves, twinkles and fades. Be as wild as you want to be!

    (available for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android. Free)

  • TVOKids

    Website image

    Check out this website for cool games, videos and contests. Lots to do and explore.

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  • Storybird

    Website image

    Use their art with your words to create your own books in minutes. Let the art inspire and surprise you as you write. You can choose to keep the stories to yourself or share them with the public.

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  • Scratch


    Design and program your own games and animations an share them online. The Scratch website is a free tool provided by the MIT Media Lab and is designed for 8-16 year olds to learn code. Check it out on your own or at a Coding for Kids program at the Library.

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  • Toca Builders

    App Icon

    Imagine, create and then build with the six Toca Builders. Jump, walk, roll and rotate the Builders to help you create; each builder has a special skill to help you out.

    Free for a limited time on iTunes, $3.49 from Google Play

  • Cosmic Kids Yoga

    Looking for a fun way to share some healthy screen time and get active this winter when it’s too cold to go outside? Cosmic Kids Yoga might be just what you need! These videos bring yoga and storytelling together, creating interactive adventures for kids that will get them moving and stretching as they act out fun stories with Jaime, the energetic host. New adventures are added regularly and episodes available include animal stories, space adventures and even well known favourites like Frozen, Star Wars, The Very Hungry Caterpillar and more.