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Environmental Fun

Think the environment is cool?  Got a project due on the Great Lakes tomorrow and you do not know where to turn?  Or do you just want to test out your knowledge on the environment?  For these reasons and more why not check out Environment Canada Kids Page!

Chinese New Year 2009

January 26 is Chinese New Year's Day.  The date changes each year because it starts with the first new moon of the new year.  The animal sign for this year is the Ox.  People born in the Year of the Ox are said to be  personable and hardworking.  Do you know what your animal sign is?  Maybe you're a rooster, a snake or a rabbit? Click on this link to find out. - Chinese Zodiac

FUN-tastic! Family Literacy Celebration

You're invited to London Public Library's FUN-tastic Community Celebration of Family Literacy -- Saturday, January 31st!

Reading Rocks!

Reading Rocks logoReading Rocks at the Library!  We are excited to announce that we have begun a series of family literacy events at various libraries across the city.  Kids and their families are invited to drop in to these free programs and join us as we discover how much fun reading can be.  There will be 4 different themes offered throughout the year: In the Wild!, Eat It Up!, Get a Clue!