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Santa and the Snow

It's Christmas Eve, and Santa's already busy delivering presents!

If you would like to follow Santa's progress around the world, check out NORAD's Santa tracker site.


It's certainly going to be a white Christmas this year. Ever wonder how snow is made? Click here to find the answer, and have a Merry Christmas!

Thoughts have turned to the holiday season

hogwarts poster inviting kids to Harry Potter school

We know thoughts have turned to the holiday season, but we want to share a little bit of Harry Potter with you.  Take a look at photos from our Harry Potter Party held at the Spriet Family Children's Library on November 14.

harry potter party kids reading

Librarian talking to a child and playing with his hat

librarian handing out cake to two boys

librarian dressed up as a fortune teller


Hallowe'en Hordes Haunt the Children's Library

children dressed as vampires for the library Halloween partyLions, tigers, and bears . . .
Ghosts, vampires, and witches . . .
Ballerinas, Thomas the Tank Engines, and Snow White . . .

Close to 200 kids and parents enjoyed Hallowe'en songs and crafts before ascending to the upper floors for some trick or treating.

The staff at Children's were a vampirish variety:  bikers . . . Lestat and Lilly Munster look-a-likes . . . caped and fanged and ready to greet the visitors. See all the photos from the event on London Public Library's Flickr page.

Another Good Summer Read

Gemini Summer by Ian Lawrence

book cover gemini summer It's summer in a small town in America during the mid nineteen sixties.  What better time to be a boy?  Danny, the eight-year-old main character of this story, thinks that the only thing missing from his life is a dog.  But then he experiences a loss so profound that the dog he does adopt takes on a kind of importance that no reader could possibly anticipate.  This sweetly sad story combines the themes of childhood and death in an unforgettable way.  The last paragraph begs to be read over and over.  Winner of the Governor General's Literary Award 2007.  Recommended for ages 9-13, but a beautiful read for anyone.