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Book Hooks; time for a little magic?

This month, Linda tells you about Hocus Pocus by Paul Kieve, The Painted Circus by Wallace Edwards, Elijah of Buxton by Christopher Paul Curtis and Dancing through the Snow by Jean Little. Would you like to ask Linda for ideas of books to read ? Get in touch with her online - make sure you say the question is for Linda - then watch for the next Book Hooks video and she'll give you some ideas!

It's a Whole New Year!

It’s hard to believe that we’re already so far into 2008! It’s sure to be a great year, but before we rush on and leave 2007 behind, why not take a few minutes to tell us about a great book that you read last year? Whether you read loads of books or just one or two, we’d love to hear about one that you really liked.

Have you ever shared a good book with a friend? Or had one passed on to you? Well here’s your chance to share with oodles of friends! Just add a comment to this story to share your suggestions. Be sure to come back and check out your friends’ recommendations too!

Update:  We already have some great suggestions!  Keep them coming!

Happy Holidays from your library

We have many activities planned for you. Hanukkah, Christmas and Winter Solstice storytimes, holiday crafts, decorating gingerbread cookies, movies, music and  more.   See our events here.