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Beginning to Read

Tips for Reading Together
  • Make reading time relaxing and fun!
  • Set aside a special time to read together.
  • Make reading a part of your family’s daily routine.
  • Read aloud to your children. Even when children can read on their own, they enjoy and benefit from hearing stories read to them.
  • Be a good example. When your children see you reading they know that reading is important to you.
  • Visit the Library - We have books, storytimes, and resources to help you enjoy reading as a family.
  • It’s never too late or too soon to start reading with your child. Ask library staff about books and storytimes appropriate to each age level, from babies to teen!
About Books for Beginning Readers
  • Designed to appeal to children from about 5-8 years
  • Many will be labeled jE
  • Found in a “Beginning” or “Early Reader" section
  • Some are available in paperback or with accompanying CDs as Kits
  • They look more like novels than picture books but they are shorter, with larger print and simpler language, than most novels

They offer new readers the chance to experience the pride and enjoyment of reading “all by themselves”.

Pattern Books

Repetition, rhythm and rhyme are devices used to help children, who are just beginning to want to read independently, gain basic word recognition skills and much needed confidence. Pattern books use these devices in a playful and engaging way, allowing your child to begin to acquire mastery of the written word.

See our We Recommend: Beginning to Read - Pattern Books list for specific titles.

Getting Started

Books for the very beginning reader to read independently usually have,

  • only one sentence per page
  • simple vocabulary
  • repetition of words

See our We Recommend: Beginning to Read - Getting Started list for specific titles.

You're Almost There!

Once beginning readers feel comfortable with titles in Getting Started! section of our list, they can try moving up to books that have,

  • one to three sentences per page
  • an expanded vocabulary

See our We Recommend: Beginning to Read - You're Almost There list for specific titles.

You're on Your Way!

Once beginning readers are comfortable, they can move on to books with,

  • multiple sentences per page
  • an in-depth story
  • a larger vocabulary

See our We Recommend: Beginning to Read - You're on Your Way! list for specific titles.

First Chapter Books

Children who are comfortable with Reading Confidently titles may wish to try a novel. Ask library staff for suggestions.

See our We Recommend: First Chapter Books list for specific titles.

Resources For Adults

There are many books available that include tips and activities to help children improve their reading skills and to encourage a love of reading.

See our We Recommend: Beginning to Read -  Resources for Adults list for specific titles.

Series Books for Very Early Readers
More Suggestions?
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