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Grades 2 to 3

Because of Winn Dixie

Because of Winn DixieKate DiCamillo
In this sweet summer story of a young girl feeling lost in her new hometown, Opal meets her best friend, a stray dog, and realizes they have a lot in common! After naming him Winn-Dixie after a grocery store, the two get involved in many fun adventures, leading to friendships, healing, and finally, finding home together.

 Bink and Gollie
Bink & Gollie: Best Friends Forever (Bink & Gollie #1)Kate DiCamillo
Bink and Gollie are best friends forever, in this cartoon story coloured as brightly as the characters themselves. With unique personalities and touching emotions, these two friends explore the world and find themselves on many fun and zany adventures with dilemmas and laughter galore!
Charlie and the chocolate factory
Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryRoald Dahl
“Charlie picked it up and tore off the wrapper… and suddenly… from underneath the wrapper… there came a brilliant flash of gold.” When five children, the luckiest children in the world, win the chance to enter Willy Wonka’s famous chocolate factory, where there is enough melted chocolate to fill every bathtub and swimming pool in the entire country, nothing in Charlie’s world is the same again.
ClementineClementineSara Pennypacker
Clementine is a 'one of a kind' girl who will steal your heart with her fun and warm-spirited antics, and her joy of friends and family! If you like the first book, there are many more to read!
Freckle Juice
Freckle JuiceJudy Blume
Andrew dreams of having freckles in this amusing story, and he will do anything he can to get them, even buying a recipe for ‘freckle juice’. Once he finally has the freckles he longs for, his next challenge is getting them off again! What will poor Andrew do?
The giving treeThe Giving TreeShel Silverstein
“Once there was a tree… and she loved a little boy.” In this beautiful friendship between boy and tree, wonderful gifts are given and received as the boy and the tree live in gracious company together.
Undergrounders The Hundred DressesEleanor Estes
A lovely story with an important lesson to tell, this story has been popular for generations.  When Wanda Petronski tells everyone she has one hundred beautiful dresses at home, no one at school believes her and they bully and tease her. Eventually, they learn the truth, and more about Wanda’s heart and life then they realized, and finally, how to make things right.
 James and the Giant Peach

James and the Giant Peach Roald Dahl
After being treated poorly and forced to sleep in the attic with little food, an English orphan boy accidentally spills a sack of tiny, glowing-green crocodile tongues, and then climbs inside a giant magical peach, transforming his whole world. As he befriends the surreal garden-bug habitants of this strange place, the peach rolls along a gigantic adventure, ending up balanced on the tip of the Empire State building, and eventually, finding friends and home.

 Little House in the big woods

Little House in the Big WoodsLaura Ingalls-Wilder
This long-time loved classic will draw you in and keep you warm during winter nights. All the way back in 1871, Laura Ingall’s story began in a little log cabin in the Big Woods of Wisconsin, where toys were whittled and harvests grown.  This unforgettable pioneer girl and her family have been cherished by generations of child readers!

 Love that dog
Love That DogSharon Creech
Creech has a beautiful talent for writing verse novels, and in this loving and sad story about a boy and his dog, we learn about grief and loss through the transformative words of poetry. In simple poetic lines and words, the boy’s teacher encourages him to write poems, through which he discovers that he loves poems, and can also heal through them.
The mouse and the motorcycleThe Mouse and the Motorcycle
Beverly Cleary
Ralph, the mouse, lives in a run-down resort hotel in Sierra Nevada, California. He longs for an exciting adventure of danger and speed, and soon learns to ride a toy motorcycle by his friend. While his friend Keith explores the California area, Ralph enjoys recklessly riding his motorcycle through hotel adventures, until one day, Keith gets sick, and Ralph must be brave enough to save the day.
Our Canadian Girl seriesOur Canadian Girl (series)This series of historical fiction is both heartwarming and adventuresome, and brings Canada's past to life. Meet all kinds of extraordinary Canadian girls in these stories as they move through their unique and adventurous journeys and challenges.
 Ramona the Pest
Ramona the Pest
Beverly Cleary
Oh Ramona! She loves her dear sister, and her mom and dad, but she can really be a pest to her big sister Beezus. In her first few months of Kindergarten, Ramona finds that trouble follows her everywhere! Always pulling Susan’s curls, writing her Q’s like a cat, and driving her sister crazy, Ramona is a quirky character, and her zany adventures will keep you coming back for more!
 Sarah, plain and tall
Sarah, Plain & TallPatricia MacLaclan
Winner of the Newbery Medal, this chapter book explores themes of loss, abandonment and love. After the loss of their wife and mother through childbearing, Sarah comes to join the family, homesick and missing Maine, she and the children and their father work through grief and hope together. A touching story of family and struggle.
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
A Newbery-medal winning children’s novel, Shiloh is about the heart-tugging human-animal connection. When a boy befriends Shiloh, a dog hurting from abuse, the boy decides to steal and hide the dog, wanting to protect him. While lying and stealing is wrong, so is abuse, and Marty must decide between the two.
 Stuart Little
Stuart LittleE. B. White
What happens when you have a talking mouse, Stuart Little, who is born to human parents in New York city? He participates in a model sailboat race in Central Park, gets trapped in a garbage can and shipped out to sea, and also explores the country in a gasoline-powered model car. Nothing can stop the adventures of Stuart Little!