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Toddlers and Preschoolers

A Big Guy Took My BallA Big Guy Took My BallMo Willems
Piggie is sad when a whale takes away her ball.  But is it her ball?  Gerald and Piggie make an unlikely friend when they find a new way to share.
Boo Hoo BirdBoo Hoo BirdJeremy Tankard
What makes you feel better when you get a boo-boo?  When Bird gets hurt playing ball it seems like no matter how hard his friends try, nothing will make him feel better.
Dinosaur RoarDinosaur RoarHenrietta and Paul Stickland
Dinosaur fast, dinosaur slow, dinosaur above, dinosaur below. A wonderful book of opposites told in rhyme!

Duck on a Bike

Duck on a BikeDavid Shannon
Duck rides a bicycle all over the farm. The other animals watch and can’t resist a ride of their own when the opportunity arises.
Hickory Dickory DockHickory Dickory Dock
Keith Baker
Children will enjoy this humourous version of the traditional nursery rhyme.  A mouse watches the clock chime each passing hour as a series of animals visit one by one.
Hooray for Hat!Hooray for Hat!Brian Won
Elephant starts the day feeling grumpy, but the perfect hat and sharing with friends lifts his mood.
Meeow and the Blue TableMeeow and the Blue Table
Sebastien Braun
Who can resist making a fort with a table and blanket?   Meeow and his friends take it to the next level as their imaginations transform their everyday surroundings into a castle!
Monkey and MeMonkey and MeEmily Gravett
Penguins, kangaroos, bats and elephants! A girl and her monkey imagine they are animals in the zoo.  Can you guess which animal they are pretending to be?  Can you try too?
Peck, Peck, PeckPeck, Peck, PeckLucy Cousins
When his dad teaches him to peck, little woodpecker is so keen it seems he’ll peck his way right through the whole book – leaving us with lots of holes and laughter!
Penguin and Pinecone: A Friendship Story
Penguin and Pinecone: A Friendship StorySalina Yoon
Penguin finds an unlikely friend in a lost Pinecone, and discovers a long distance friendship that grows and grows.
Press HereHervé Tullet
Shake it up, press the dots – there’s so much fun to be had when you share this interactive book!
Red is BestRed is BestKathy Stinson
All children who have a passion for a certain colour will identify with this little girl.  For Kelly, red is the only colour!  From mittens to paint, red is best.
 Shh! My Brother’s NappingShh! My Brother’s NappingRuth Ohi
When little brother needs to sleep, it’s hard for a big brother to keep busy but stay quiet at the same time.
The little rabbit who liked to say mooThe Little Rabbit Who Liked to Say Moo
Jonathan Allen
Rabbit has a new favourite sound – moo!  Soon all the animals on the farm try out quacks, baas and hee-haws.  But when the day is done, each animal likes their own sound best.
 We’re Going on A Bear Hunt

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Michael Rosen
Join in the bear hunt as you travel across rivers and fields.  What will happen when you find the bear?