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Agent 009 in Clueville

kids dressed up like detectives

Greetings Secret Agents! Have you solved the case of the mysterious sounds in Lady X’s Library? Well so has Agent 009, the best mystery-solving dog in Clueville. We hope that you have read many amazing books this summer, and used your spy skills to discover lots of clues. Now we can reveal the solution of the mystery to you!

TD Summer Reading Club sign up begins Sat. June 20

Agent 009: London Public Library's TD Summer Reading Club (June 20-August 22)

Calling all secret agents! Be a super spy as you search for clues on our "Clueville" game board all summer long. You will read great books, earn prizes, and use your sleuthing skills to solve a mystery! Register starting June 20 at a Library near you. Space is limited, so sign up early to start cracking the case!

Agent 009 in Clueville

"What is causing the sounds in Lady X's library?"

detective hat

Calling all secret agents! Be a super spy and use your sleuthing skills to solve this mystery!

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Environmental Fun

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Chinese New Year 2009

January 26 is Chinese New Year's Day.  The date changes each year because it starts with the first new moon of the new year.  The animal sign for this year is the Ox.  People born in the Year of the Ox are said to be  personable and hardworking.  Do you know what your animal sign is?  Maybe you're a rooster, a snake or a rabbit? Click on this link to find out. - Chinese Zodiac