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Literacy Tip - December 7

literacy tip december 7

Sing "Down by the Bay" and use animal names to make the rhymes.
For example: Did you ever see a pig dancing a jig...

Literacy Tip - November 30

literacy tip november 30
Play Rhyming I Spy.
For example: I spy with my little eye something that rhymes with...


Read, Sing, Play, Talk, Write, Literacy Skills Shakers Image

Talking, singing, reading, writing and playing!

Through stories, songs, rhymes, movement activities, and more, children will develop early literacy skills in a fun way. They will improve motor, sensory, and social skills; and learn sounds, letters and new words.

Literacy Tip - November 24

literacy tip november 24

Share interesting articles with your child from magazines, the Internet or the newspaper.
You might be surprised how much they know and it's a great way to reinforce what is learned at school.