New Audiobooks - This Week

Clap when you land [electronic resource]
Clap when you land
Acevedo, Elizabeth
The summer set [electronic resource] : A novel
The summer set : A novel
Agresti, Aimee
Rules for being a girl [electronic resource]
Rules for being a girl
Bushnell, Candace
The betrothed [electronic resource]
The betrothed
Cass, Kiera
If I had your face [electronic resource] : A novel
If I had your face : A novel
Cha, Frances
The wife stalker [electronic resource] : A novel
The wife stalker : A novel
Constantine, Liv
A week at the shore [electronic resource] : A novel
A week at the shore : A novel
Delinsky, Barbara
Lakewood [electronic resource] : A novel
Lakewood : A novel
Giddings, Megan
This is how i lied [electronic resource] : A novel
This is how i lied : A novel
Gudenkauf, Heather
Upstream [compact disc]
Heath, Dan
You are not alone [compact disc]
You are not alone
Hendricks, Greer
Beach read [electronic resource]
Beach read
Henry, Emily
Say yes to the duke [electronic resource]
Say yes to the duke
James, Eloisa
Grown-up pose [electronic resource]
Grown-up pose
Lalli, Sonya
A children's bible [electronic resource] : A novel
A children's bible : A novel
Millet, Lydia
The right sort of man [electronic resource]
The right sort of man
Montclair, Allison
Shakespeare for squirrels [electronic resource] : A novel
Shakespeare for squirrels : A novel
Moore, Christopher
A taste of sage [electronic resource] : A novel
A taste of sage : A novel
Santos, Yaffa S
Rodham [electronic resource] : A novel
Rodham : A novel
Sittenfeld, Curtis
Find your path [compact disc]
Find your path
Underwood, Carrie
All your twisted secrets [electronic resource]
All your twisted secrets
Urban, Diana
Separation anxiety [compact disc] : a novel
Separation anxiety : a novel
Zigman, Laura