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New Adult Fiction - Text Listing

The O. Henry prize stories : the best short stories of the year.  

Echoes : the saga anthology of ghost stories  

Hex life : wicked new tales of witchery  

Shout out  

Wild cards I.  

The sign of seven  

Pomor i strah : povest o zapisu na ku?nom jevan?elju ?uri?, Vule

A little hatred Abercrombie, Joe

Murder in the reading room. Adams, Ellery

The third Mrs. Durst Aguirre, Ann

Postscript Ahern, Cecelia

Within these walls : a novel Ahlborn, Ania

Miles Morales. Vol. 1, Straight out of Brooklyn Ahmed, Saladin

A Roman rhapsody Alexander, Sara

The Lady Travelers Guide to Happily Ever After. Alexander, Victoria

Martin Peters : a graphic novel Allaby, Patrick

By night. Volume two Allison, John

The color of the sun Almond, David

The innocent's emergency wedding. Anderson, Natalie

Sapphire flames. Andrews, Ilona

Beneath the attic Andrews, V. C

Nothing ventured Archer, Jeffrey

We, the survivors Aw, Tash

Continental drift Banks, Russell

Elevator pitch : a novel Barclay, Linwood

Ninth house Bardugo, Leigh

What Rose forgot Barr, Nevada

Against nature. Barrett, Casey

A killer edition Barrett, Lorna

Kvadratni koren iz ?ivota Bazdulj, Muharem

Andrew. Beckstrand, Jennifer

Killer's choice Begley, Louis

One fine duke. Bell, Lenora

The duke is but a dream. Bennett, Anna

California secrets. Bennett, Jules

Field of Valor : A Thriller. Betley, Matthew

The cruel stars Birmingham, John

One final breath Blackburn, Lynn Huggins

Bewitched and betrothed. Blackwell, Juliet

Five dark fates Blake, Kendare

The real deal. Blakely, Lauren

Grease Bats Bongiovanni, Archie

Beautiful dreamer Brayden, Melissa

Turning darkness into light Brennan, Marie

Age of X-Man. NextGen Brisson, Ed

Fallen angel Brookmyre, Christopher

The chocolate maker's wife Brooks, Karen

Penne Dreadful. Bruns, Catherine

Speaking of summer : a novel Buckhanon, Kalisha

Death in a Budapest butterfly. Buckley, Julia, 1964-

Girls like me Butcher, Kristin

No judgments : a novel Cabot, Meg

Sconed to death. Cahoon, Lynn

And then there were crumbs. Calder, Eve

Crime club Campbell, Melodie

Kuga Camus, Albert

Cold aim Cantore, Janice

Hunter's moon : a novel in stories Caputo, Philip

Tin badges : a novel Carcaterra, Lorenzo

Christmas in Winter Hill Carlson, Melody

Rage Carmack, Cora

Love on location Carter, Cassidy

Booking the crook. Cass, Laurie

Lost Cast, P. C

Guardians of the Galaxy. Vol. 1, The final gauntlet Cates, Donny

The Godmother : a crime novel Cayre, Hannelore

Brave the tempest. Chance, Karen

Caster Chapman, Elsie

A perfect Amish match. Chapman, Vannetta

Imaginary friend Chbosky, Stephen

A single thread Chevalier, Tracy

Slonovi pamte Christie, Agatha

The long call Cleeves, Ann

Watching you without me Coady, Lynn

The water dancer : a novel Coates, Ta-Nehisi

The revolution of Birdie Randolph Colbert, Brandy

The Guardian : Derailers. Cole, Tobias

Robert B. Parker's The bitterest pill Coleman, Reed Farrel

The Greek's billion-dollar baby. Connelly, Clare

Their Yuletide promise. Connelly, Stacy

Monster hunter memoirs : Saints. Correia, Larry

Until the mountains fall Cossette, Connilyn

The second biggest nothing Cotterill, Colin

Shot in the Dark. Coyle, Cleo

A finer end. Crombie, Deborah

A bitter feast : a novel Crombie, Deborah

Risk everything. Crouch, Janie

The doctor's orders. Cullinan, Heidi

The Titanic secret Cussler, Clive

Texas forever Dailey, Janet

Clear my name Daly, Paula

Luck of the draw. Daniels, B. J

The wallflower wager. Dare, Tessa

The wish. Davids, Patricia

A capitol death Davis, Lindsey

Last ones left alive Davis-Goff, Sarah

Black spire Dawson, Delilah S

Butterfly in frost : a novella Day, Sylvia

Aquaman. Vol. 1, Unspoken water DeConnick, Kelly Sue

Ti si meni sve Dedi? Milojevi?, Vesna

Animalia Del Amo, Jean-Baptiste

The butterfly girl : a novel Denfeld, Rene

Met her match Deveraux, Jude

Color me in Diaz, Natasha

Sideways. Vol. 2, Rifts and revelations DiDio, Dan

Our war DiLouie, Craig

Empire of wild Dimaline, Cherie

Her other secret. Dimon, HelenKay

Strangers she knows Dodd, Christina

Where the light enters Donati, Sara

Home at Chestnut Creek. Drake, Laura

Wolverine. Infinity watch Duggan, Gerry

We came here to forget : a novel Dunlop, Andrea

Molded 4 Murder. Eaton, J. C

Knit one, die two. Ehrhart, Peggy

Gallows humor Elizabeth, Carolyn

Prologue to murder. Elliott, Lauren

Ducks, Newburyport Ellmann, Lucy

Pet Emezi, Akwaeke

Death by Cafe Mocha. Erickson, Alex

Venom in the veins Estep, Jennifer

Ball park Farrow, John

Our new normal Faulkner, Colleen

Shadow warrior. Feehan, Christine

The mustangers. Fenady, Andrew J

Bridesmaid for hire. Ferrarella, Marie

All manner of things Finkbeiner, Susie

Just Lucky Florence, Melanie

King of fools Foody, Amanda

One year home Force, Marie

Deceived by desire. Force, Marie

Yours truly, Thomas Fordham, Rachel

Rising above Fortin, Genevieve

All the bad apples Fowley-Doyle, Mo?ra

The poison bed Fremantle, Elizabeth

The superior Spider-Man. 1, Full Otto Gage, Christos

Snow, glass, apples Gaiman, Neil

Goodnight stranger Gault, Miciah Bay

The shape of night : a novel Gerritsen, Tess

Gun Island Ghosh, Amitav

No safe place Gibney, Patricia

We are here forever Gish, Michelle

A touch of forever. Goodman, Jo

Below the line Gould, Howard Michael

Marry in secret. Gracie, Anne

Ignite. Grant, Donna

The loyal one Gray, Shelley Shepard

Grimoire noir Greentea, Vera

The reckless oath we made Greenwood, Bryn

Keeping Lucy Greenwood, T

Going Dutch : a novel Gregor, James

Ash kickers. Grigsby, Sean

The fifth column Gross, Andrew

Royal holiday Guillory, Jasmine

The accidentals : a novel Gwin, Minrose

Cornered at Christmas. Han, Barb

A thousand roads home Harrington, Carmel

The blue salt road Harris, Joanne

The golden wolf : a novel Hartsuyker, Linnea

Gods with a little g Hassman, Tupelo

Run, hide, fight back Henry, April

Dune : the Butlerian Jihad. Herbert, Brian

Unmasking the shadow man. Herbert, Debbie

The love bunglers Hernandez, Jaime

Stolen things : a novel Herron, Rachael

Claiming my bride of convenience. Hewitt, Kate

The missing ones Hill, Edwin J

The world that we knew Hoffman, Alice

Three weddings and a scandal Holden, Wendy

A view to a kilt Holden, Wendy

Here I am! Holdstock, Pauline

Death of a wedding cake baker. Hollis, Lee

Just my luck Honeybourn, Jennifer

Verity Hoover, Colleen

House of whispers. Volume 1, The power divided Hopkinson, Nalo

Doctor Who, the thirteenth Doctor. 2, Hidden Human History Houser, Jody

Summerlings Howorth, Lisa

The privilege of peace. Huff, Tanya

Watch out Hughes, Alison

Deadly obsession. Hunt, April

Translated from the gibberish : seven stories and one half truth Irani, Anosh

Driving force. James, Elle

Shark beach. Jameson, Chris

Sins of the fathers Jance, Judith A

The date Jensen, Louise

All the flowers in Paris : a novel Jio, Sarah

Land of wolves Johnson, Craig

A glitter of gold Johnson, Liz

Hang them slowly. Johnstone, William W

The cage Jones, Lloyd

Josephine Baker's last dance : a novel Jones, Sherry

Batman beyond. Vol. 5., The final joke Jurgens, Dan

Heels of steel K., Barbara

Love and other mistakes : a novel Kate, Jessica

Desperate Creed Kava, Alex

Nemanji?i. knjiga 3, U ime sina Kecmanovi?, Vladimir

The cold way home Keller, Julia

Hanging Judge and Bowie's Mine: Two Complete Novels of the American West. Kelton, Elmer

More than we can tell Kemmerer, Brigid

Marshal on a mission. Kennie, Ryshia

At death's door Kenyon, Sherrilyn

There has to be a knife Khan, Adnan

Agents of dreamland Kiernan, Caitl?n R

Black Badge. Volume one Kindt, Matt

The institute : a novel King, Stephen

Another kingdom : a novel Klavan, Andrew

Endurance. Konrath, Joe

This tender land : a novel Krueger, William Kent

Butterfly yellow L?i, Thanhh

The truth behind the lie L?vestam, Sara

Agnes, murderess Leavitt, Sarah

Cursed! Blood of the Donnellys : a novel based on a true story Leckie, Keith Ross

Delayed rays of a star : a novel Lee Koe, Amanda

The downstairs girl Lee, Stacey

A trick of light Lee, Stan

The beekeeper of Aleppo : a novel Lefteri, Christy

The enlightenment of bees Linden, Rachel

The importance of being Wilde at heart Linmark, R. Zamora

Anything but okay Littman, Sarah

Inch by inch Llywelyn, Morgan

Heaven, my home Locke, Attica

29 seconds Logan, T. M

The rogue to ruin. Lorret, Vivienne

The time for murder is meow LoTempio, T. C

We speak in storms Lund, Natalie

The hive Lyga, Barry

Rogue most wanted. MacGregor, Janna

Brazen and the beast. MacLean, Sarah

The nanny : a novel Macmillan, Gilly

A Mrs. Miracle Christmas : a novel Macomber, Debbie

Serpent & dove Mahurin, Shelby

We love Anderson Cooper : short stories Maizes, R. L

Capturing the devil Maniscalco, Kerri

The victim Manning, Max

Jackson. March, Emily

The Sicilian's surprise love-child. Marinelli, Carol

The passengers Marrs, John

Fatal promise Marsons, Angela

The deception Martin, Kat

The corner of Holly and Ivy. Mason, Debbie

Happiness for beginners Matthews, Carole

Crow winter : a novel McBride, Karen

American royals McGee, Katharine

Highland crown. McGoldrick, May

Age of X-Man. The amazing Nightcrawler McGuire, Seanan

Night and Silence. McGuire, Seanan

Haunted house murder Meier, Leslie

Hot Shot. Michaels, Fern

Spirit of the season Michaels, Fern

The wagers Michaels, Sean

The rebel heir. Michels, Elizabeth

Cinderella's scandalous secret. Milburne, Melanie

Lethal agent : a Mitch Rapp novel Mills, Kyle

The prom : a novel based on the hit Broadway musical Mitchell, Saundra

The mage-fire war Modesitt, L. E

After the flood : a novel Montag, Kassandra

Ilona Stra?na : jedina ugarska kraljica srpskog porekla Jelena Vukanovi? Arpad : istorijski roman Moravcevich, Nicholas

Don't date Rosa Santos Moreno, Nina

Cilka's journey Morris, Heather

Cold Conspiracy. Myers, Cindi

The secret ingredient Naigle, Nancy

Rival's break Neggers, Carla

A keeper : a novel Norton, Graham

Odabrane pripovetke Nu?i?, Branislav ?

Petra's ghost O'Cinneide, C. S

Her husband's mistake O'Flanagan, Sheila

The surface breaks O'Neill, Louise

One piece. Vol. 91, Wano. Part 2. Adventure in the land of samurai Oda, Eiichiro

Animal farm : the graphic novel Odyr

The memory police Ogawa, Y?ko

LaGuardia Okorafor, Nnedi

The freedom artist Okri, Ben

Star Wars. Age of rebellion : heroes Pak, Greg

Someday Jennifer : a novel Pakarinen, Risto

The last good guy Parker, T. Jefferson

The Dutch house : a novel Patchett, Ann

The 19th Christmas Patterson, James

Vow of thieves Pearson, Mary

Death in focus Perry, Anne

Batman. Kings of fear Peterson, Scott

Wherever you go Peterson, Tracie

Peti leptir Petrovi?, Uro?

The killing tide Pettrey, Dani

X-Men grand design. X-tinction Piskor, Ed

City of windows Pobi, Robert

White hot silence Porter, Henry

Expiration date. Powers, Tim

What red was : a novel Price, Rosie

The Amish cookie club. Price, Sarah

Lampedusa : a novel Price, Steven

Fan the fame Priemaza, Anna

All it takes Proby, Kristen

The nobody people Proehl, Bob

The book of dust. Volume two, The secret commonwealth Pullman, Philip

These divided shores Raasch, Sara

Simon & Louise Radigu?s, Max de

The ventriloquists : a novel Ramzipoor, E. R

Sweet Valley High. 1, Academic all-star? Rex, Katy

Colorado cowboy. Richardson, Sara

A husband she couldn't forget. Rimmer, Christine

Vendetta in death Robb, J. D

Cantoras Robertis, Carolina de

Who's sorry now? Robinson, Maggie

Some like it scandalous. Rodale, Maya

Virgin Princess's marriage debt. Roscoe, Pippa

Three hours Roslund, Anders

A prisoner of privilege Rowe, Rosemary

The first time Lauren Pailing died Rudd, Alyson

The women of the copper country : a novel Russell, Mary Doria

The missing piece. Sala, Sharon

Boundless Salvatore, R. A

Winter prey Sandford, John

Bloody genius Sandford, John

Staklena kupola Saramago, Jos

The blood of Rome Scarrow, Simon

The grammarians Schine, Cathleen

O?evi i oci Seleni?, Slobodan

Clyde Fans : a picture novel Seth

Wrapped up in you Shalvis, Jill

The stone rainbow Shaw, Liane

Midnight beauties Shepherd, Megan

Chasing New York Sherratt, D. J

Unwind Shusterman, Neal

Island Skibsrud, Johanna

Amber Fang. Betrayal Slade, Arthur G

Amber Fang. Revenge Slade, Arthur G

Liar. Slater, K. L

A passionate reunion in Fiji. Smart, Michelle

The retreat Smith, Sherri

Ghost fire Smith, Wilbur A

A song of joy Snelling, Lauraine

The Batman who laughs Snyder, Scott

What makes a father. Southwick, Teresa

The amazing Spider-Man. Vol. 4, Hunted Spencer, Nick

We three Star

Dead silence. Staub, Wendy Corsi

Child's play : a novel Steel, Danielle

A man of his word. Steffen, Sandra

A fistful of elven gold. Stewart, Alex

Zabluda svetog Sebastijana Taba?evi?, Vladimir

A down home Christmas Talley, Liz

Harley Quinn : breaking glass : a graphic novel Tamaki, Mariko

The world on either side Terrana, Diane

Dahlia black : a novel Thomas, Keith

The secret life of Sam Holloway Thomas, Rhys

Captain Marvel. Vol. 1, Re-entry Thompson, Kelly

Age of X-Man. Marvelous X-Men Thompson, Zac

Ice cold heart Tracy, P. J

The dragon lady Treger, Louisa

A Highlander walks into a bar. Trentham, Laura

Diamond in the rough Turano, Jen

Commodus Turney, Simon

The stranger inside Unger, Lisa

The avant-guards. volume one Usdin, Carly

A Delhi obsession : a novel Vassanji, M. G

The red zone : an earthquake story Vecchini, Silvia

Thread on arrival. Wait, Lea

Are you listening? Walden, Tillie

A door in the earth Waldman, Amy

The dearly beloved : a novel Wall, Cara

Three laws lethal Walton, David

Blood truth Ward, J. R

Lumberjanes. 12, Jackalope springs eternal Watters, Shannon

The Umbrella Academy. Volume 3, Hotel Oblivion Way, Gerard

A dangerous engagement Weaver, Ashley

Kingmaker Weis, Margaret

Demanding his desert queen. West, Annie

Worry : a novel Westhead, Jessica

To tame a wild cowboy. Wilde, Lori

Age of X-Man : X-Tremists : semper vigilo Williams, Leah (Comic book writer)

Empire of grass Williams, Tad

The Maverick's secret baby. Wilson, Teri

Frankissstein : a love story Winterson, Jeanette

The Terminator : sector war. volume 1 Wood, Brian

The hiding game Wood, Naomi

Carpe fin : a Haida manga Yahgulanaas, Michael Nicoll

Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V. 6, Challenge the legends!! Yoshida, Shin

The girl the sea gave back Young, Adrienne

Southern sass and killer cravings. Young, Kate

As many nows as I can get Youngdahl, Shana

The absolution Yrsa Sigur?ard?ttir

The paper bark tree mystery Yu, Ovidia

Cobra outlaw Zahn, Timothy

Invaders. 1, War ghosts Zdarsky, Chip

Daredevil. 1, Know fear Zdarsky, Chip

Doxology : a novel Zink, Nell

Champions. 1, Beat the devil Zub, Jim