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New Graphic Novels - Text Listing

Super agent Jon Le Bon! The secret files of Mr. Shorthand A., Alex

The Avengers. Vol. 3, War of the vampires Aaron, Jason

Thor. , Road to war of the realms Aaron, Jason

Conan the Barbarian. Book one, The life and death of Conan Aaron, Jason

Titans. Vol. 6, Into the bleed Abnett, Dan

Let's make ramen! : a comic book cookbook Amano, Hugh

Buffy the vampire slayer. Volume one, High school is hell Bellaire, Jordie

Cover. Volume one Bendis, Brian Michael

Pearl. Volume one Bendis, Brian Michael

Hotel Dare Blas, Terry

X-Force. , Sins of the past Brisson, Ed

To build a fire : based on Jack London's classic story Chabout

Marvel action Spider-Man. , A new beginning Dawson, Delilah S

Garfield : snack pack. Volume two Evanier, Mark

The Grave Fraga, Dan

Die, Volume 1. Fantasy heartbreaker Gillen, Kieron

Betty and Veronica. 1 Friends forever Golliher, Bill

Dream daddy : a dad dating comic book Gray, Leighton

Altered carbon : download blues Hoskin, Rik

Take care, son : the story of my dad and his dementia Husband, Tony

Why my cat is more impressive than your baby Inman, Matthew

O Josephine! Jason

Superman action comics. The Oz effect Jurgens, Dan

The singing rock & other brand-new fairy tales Lachenmeyer, Nathaniel

Outer darkness. V.1, Each other's throats Layman, John

The Terrifics. Vol. 2, Tom Strong & the Terrifics Lemire, Jeff

My little pony, the manga. Vol. 1, A day in the life of Equestria Lumsdon, David

VWars Maberry, Jonathan

Operatic Maclear, Kyo Iona

Cleopatra in space. Book five, Fallen empires Maihack, Mike

Eileen Gray : a house under the sun Malterre-Barthes, Charlotte

Old souls McDonald, Brian

Queen of the sea Meconis, Dylan

Camp Miller, Kayla

Eoin Colfer's Artemis Fowl : the graphic novel Moreci, Michael

Midas North, Ryan

Hawking Ottaviani, Jim

Hulkverines! Pak, Greg

The gambling Smurfs Peyo

Spider-Man. Far from home Pilgrim, Will Corona

Penny Nichols Reed, M. K

Uncanny X-Men. , Wolverine and Cyclops Rosenberg, Matthew

Angola Janga : kingdom of runaway slaves Salete, Marcelo D'

5 worlds. Book 3, The red maze Siegel, Mark

Fantastic Four. , Mr. and Mrs. Grimm Slott, Dan

Tony Stark, Iron Man. 2, Stark realities Slott, Dan

Laura Dean keeps breaking up with me Tamaki, Mariko

West Coast Avengers. 2, City of evils Thompson, Kelly

Solo : a Star Wars story Thompson, Robbie

Maggy Garrisson Trondheim, Lewis

Basquiat Voloj, Julian

Avengers. No road home Waid, Mark

Bitter root. Volume one, Family business Walker, David

Lucifer. Volume 1, The infernal comedy Watters, Dan

Pokemon. Battle with the ultra beast : 2 graphic adventures Whitehill, Simcha

Live oak, with moss Whitman, Walt

Rat queens. Volume six, The infernal path Wiebe, Kurtis J

Jada Sly, artist & spy Winston, Sherri

Cars : engines that move you Zettwoch, Dan