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When the warm weather arrives the sunshine and the highway seem to call out to us. Load the car with your picnic basket or back pack and head out for the day with a map and a destination. You'll be able to find something fun to do, whether it's about the activity, the place or just the getting there.

Okay, I'll admit I have a problem. The stack of Pottery Barn catalogues beside my bed will attest to the fact that I am slightly obsessed with home decorating. Not a day goes by when you won't find me reading about, discussing or shopping for home decor. Drives my husband nuts!

We've all got incipient spring fever this year, after the January and February (and March) winter blasts.  But Olympic fever is just heating up, and it promises to be hot, indeed.  Presses are already running overtime producing fiction and nonfiction books, DVDs,  e-books and even music featuring the Olympics:  its history, politics, and individual Olympic champions,  for adults and children.   

Help clean our Thames River on Saturday, April 19th. All along this heritage river in London and other communities, people like you are pitching in to pick up trash. It's a great way to give back to our community! Last year, over 1800 people worked together and cleaned up 200 km of this waterway. The list of clean-up sites in London are

No matter how many times you’ve watched home decorating shows on TV, the thought of painting can still be unnerving. And sadly, most of us don’t have Colin and Justin waiting in the wings to perform a free intervention so we’re left to choose between hiring a contractor or tackling the job ourselves.

Before you DIY ask these questions:

Realistically, how long will this project take?

"How do I build a suspension bridge?", "How many people paid income tax in Ontario last year" and "Can you recommend other authors who write like Meg Cabot?"

Raising a family is a joyous journey, though for many our daily responsibilities rarely allow us to truly connect with one another.  Finding time to enjoy each other's company can be tricky, especially while we are rushing through morning and evening routines, for instance.  We may all be home together at these times but we are too busy to engage in anything meaningful past exclaiming , "Oh thank goodness it's hot-dog day!" , or "Don't forget to put out the garbage!"  Meeting around the dinner table for a sit-down meal and a good catch-up, regularly comes far and few between. 


When we do find some family-time we realize we may not actually get along. 

Rev. George Richardson, my ancestor, landed in Quebec City in the 1820s and, like thousands of others, planted the family tree in Canada. But where did he come from? We're not sure. Since there is a Richardson's Tartan Shop in Markham, however, and the owner is a Mark Richardson, an Irishman, the Emerald Isle is a good bet.

Usually as the days get longer and the light gets stronger my thoughts turn to seed-starting and such.  But this year, with winter showing no signs of backing off, I'm immersed in my favourite indoor past-time, knitting.  What a resurgence knitting has had in the last few years!  I can remember as a teenager learning to knit with Paton's yarn and patterns, and a few treasured pattern books inherited from my mother.   But after discovering Elizabeth Zimmerm


This time we bring you a potpourri of book awards, both national and international.