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Have you ever caught something funny on tape and wanted to share it? Are you a budding rock star? Do you have a rant about politics or how bad the Leafs are doing this year? Or maybe you're a student who needs to create a video for a school assignment? Ever thought of posting your video on YouTube?

I have heard that statement a number of times, but only from people 'over 45' who find themselves unexpectedly looking for work.  In the past, it was not unusual to find work from within a network of friends and get hired based on a simple handshake.   Many people have had one primary job and have held it for several years.  Even if they had a resume then, they likely do not have a current up-to-date one now.


Now that the midwinter blahs have descended in earnest I have turned for solace to that time-honoured winter escape (for those of us who cannot actually fly away) of armchair travel. With all the prerequisites checked off: snuggled up in my favourite chair, comforter firmly wrapped around me, fire in the hearth,

Whenever February comes along, I can't help it, I get excited about Valentine's Day.  Maybe I am a kid at heart, but  Valentine's Day can be really special, and a lot of fun for very little cost.  I love to surprise my family, friends and co-workers with "a little something".   It is a great time to recognize the people in our lives that matter to us.  Young and old, we all love to receive a valentine.  Here's one idea that will surprise your valentine.  Consider  stashing  some Comments

What is the short bus? If you're disabled, you know.  Even if you're not, you will be inspired by a new book of the same name.

Sometimes labelling a book "science fiction" causes people to shy away from it, but science fiction is for everyone!  Here are some great reads that should not be overlooked.

I live in an older part of London. One of our special neighbourhoods where houses have front porches, sidewalks are busy with people strolling leisurely by and variety stores, mailboxes and schools are within walking distance. In my neighbourhood, we gather regularly on various front porches during the warm months and, invariably, at one point I am asked for reading recommendations. During the winter, I miss these spontaneous neighbourhood gatherings and my chance to share enthusiastically about books I've read.


I remember, when attending university for my first degree, going to the library on campus to conduct research and being completely overwhelmed by the sheer volume of materials they had there. Needing articles from academic journals for research papers, I would stroll the stacks of bound journals, picking them up randomly to read table of contents and eventually finding something "close enough" to useful. I spent hours of wasted time trolling for information I needed.

The other day I was looking at some fascinating illustrations from a 16th century anatomy book.  No, I didn't have to travel all the way to the University of Toronto archives to do so; I simply accessed digital images of the book via the portal.

Let Jesse Cook transport you from our cold, dark Canadian winter, away to sunny Seville. The selections from his lastest CD, Frontiers, were written during an escape to the artistic capitol of Spain.  The award-winning flamenco guitarist will make you feel like you are sitting in a barrio, sipping wine and watching the dancers. Most of the CD is instrumental, and it is refreshing to get lost in the notes, without any words getting in the way.