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The Birth House by Ami McKay

Set in rural Nova Scotia during World War I, this fabulous novel tells the story of 17-year-old Dora Rare who becomes an

At this time of year,  gift giving abounds as we search for the "perfect present" for a family member or friend. How about thinking bigger - how about a gift for everyone?

Douglas Coupland's 2006 novel jPod is being produced as a TV series and will premiere on January 8th on CBC. 

Looking for a Christmas read that goes beyond Christmas Day?

One of the many hurtles working parents face each day is what to serve their families for supper. Providing a nutritional meal can become a chore and almost an impossibility when it has to be done F-A-S-T! My kids are always hungry when they get home from school and boy, supper needs to be on the table but quick, or the grumpiness emerges. One of my speedy meals is the President's Choice thin crust pizza. It is ready in 8 minutes (yes!

By all accounts, the recent Led Zeppelin concert in the other London was a huge success.  If you missed it, check out Mothership, a compilation of previously released songs from 1969-1979.  If you are hungry for more Led Zeppelin, you may want to read Led Zeppelin: the origin of the species: how, why and where it all began by Alan Clayson. And for something completely different, try

I wasn't sure what I was going to post here this time so I decided to keep it simple. I told myself  just talk about some of my all time favourite books. Books that I think are amazing reads, can't put em' downers. Those sorts of books. No need for long reviews... just a list and my opinion.  So here goes.

Why did over 9000 Anglicans gather at the John Labatt Centre?

So you've been called for an interview... Great!  Now What?

These are some hints on how to increase your chances of landing that job once you have been called in for an interview.

You should always do some background research into the company or organization.  Consider the following,

There is nothing better than coming home after a long day at work and having dinner all ready - those yummy smells greeting you when you walk in the door. Although the slow cooker is great any time of year, I find it is usually the fall or winter when it gets the most use. At this time of year, if you're lke me, you come home only to grab a quick dinner so that you can head back out christmas shopping or attend a school concert.  Usually the speed of dinner reflects the nutritional value.