Title: If I Go Missing Author:Jonnie, Brianna
If I Go Missing
Jonnie, Brianna
Title: A puff of smoke Author:Lippett, Sarah
A puff of smoke
Lippett, Sarah
Title: Pugwash Author:Thiessen, Vern
Thiessen, Vern
Title: Imagine me Author:Mafi, Tahereh
Imagine me
Mafi, Tahereh
Title: King Thor Author:Aaron, Jason
King Thor
Aaron, Jason
Title: They went left Author:Hesse, Monica
They went left
Hesse, Monica
Title: We are totally normal Author:Kanakia, Rahul
We are totally normal
Kanakia, Rahul
Title: The sinner Author:Ward, J. R
The sinner
Ward, J. R
Title: The K team Author:Rosenfelt, David
The K team
Rosenfelt, David
Title: Little secrets Author:Hillier, Jennifer
Little secrets
Hillier, Jennifer
Title: The safety net Author:Camilleri, Andrea
The safety net
Camilleri, Andrea
Title: Grown-up pose Author:Lalli, Sonya
Grown-up pose
Lalli, Sonya
Title: Hammer to fall Author:Lawton, John
Hammer to fall
Lawton, John
Title: The herd : a novel Author:Bartz, Andrea
The herd : a novel
Bartz, Andrea
Title: The return Author:Harrison, Rachel
The return
Harrison, Rachel
Title: Revolver road Author:Daugherty, Christi
Revolver road
Daugherty, Christi
Title: The third sister Author:Blaedel, Sara
The third sister
Blaedel, Sara
Title: A silent death Author:May, Peter
A silent death
May, Peter
Title: Smoke bitten Author:Briggs, Patricia
Smoke bitten
Briggs, Patricia
Title: Lakewood : a novel Author:Giddings, Megan
Lakewood : a novel
Giddings, Megan
Title: Hitler : a biography Author:Longerich, Peter
Hitler : a biography
Longerich, Peter
Title: Crowdfunding for musicians Author:Malena-Webber, Laser
Crowdfunding for musicians
Malena-Webber, Laser
Title: We are the Wildcats Author:Vivian, Siobhan
We are the Wildcats
Vivian, Siobhan
Title: Sparrow : a novel Author:Jackson, Mary Cecilia
Sparrow : a novel
Jackson, Mary Cecilia
Title: The year after you Author:Pass, Nina de
The year after you
Pass, Nina de
Title: Fatherless : a memoir Author:Maillard, Keith
Fatherless : a memoir
Maillard, Keith
Title: Love affairs with houses Author:Williams, Bunny
Love affairs with houses
Williams, Bunny
Title: Team human Author:Rushkoff, Douglas
Team human
Rushkoff, Douglas
Title: Crow Gulch Author:Walbourne-Gough, Douglas
Crow Gulch
Walbourne-Gough, Douglas
Title: Falling for myself : a memoir Author:Palmer, Dorothy Ellen
Falling for myself : a memoir
Palmer, Dorothy Ellen
Title: Mowing Author:Cookshaw, Marlene
Cookshaw, Marlene
Title: Devil in the woods Author:Lockhart, D. A
Devil in the woods
Lockhart, D. A
Title: Who rescued who Author:Schade, Victoria
Who rescued who
Schade, Victoria
Title: Debussy Author:Jensen, Eric Frederick
Jensen, Eric Frederick
Title: The wave Author:Moffatt, Virginia
The wave
Moffatt, Virginia
Title: Tranquility Falls Author:Bunn, T. Davis
Tranquility Falls
Bunn, T. Davis
Title: The haunted lady Author:Rinehart, Mary Roberts
The haunted lady
Rinehart, Mary Roberts
Title: Tough Talking Cowboy. Author:Ryan, Jennifer
Tough Talking Cowboy.
Ryan, Jennifer
Title: Fair warning Author:Connelly, Michael
Fair warning
Connelly, Michael
Title: The Jane Austen society Author:Jenner, Natalie
The Jane Austen society
Jenner, Natalie
Title: Pretty things : a novel Author:Brown, Janelle
Pretty things : a novel
Brown, Janelle
Title: The book of longings Author:Kidd, Sue Monk
The book of longings
Kidd, Sue Monk
Title: Dance away with me : a novel Author:Phillips, Susan Elizabeth
Dance away with me : a novel
Phillips, Susan Elizabeth
Title: Hello, summer Author:Andrews, Mary Kay
Hello, summer
Andrews, Mary Kay
Title: The lies that bind Author:Giffin, Emily
The lies that bind
Giffin, Emily
Title: The wife stalker : a novel Author:Constantine, Liv
The wife stalker : a novel
Constantine, Liv
Title: 500 miles from you Author:Colgan, Jenny
500 miles from you
Colgan, Jenny
Title: The hidden beach Author:Swan, Karen
The hidden beach
Swan, Karen
Title: Sister dear Author:McKinnon, Hannah Mary
Sister dear
McKinnon, Hannah Mary
Title: Whiteout. Author:Anders, Adriana
Anders, Adriana
Title: Here comes the body. Author:DiRico, Maria
Here comes the body.
DiRico, Maria
Title: Ten days gone. Author:Long, Beverly
Ten days gone.
Long, Beverly