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Environmentalist in Residence

Environmentalist in Residence at the London Public Library

The London Public Library is excited to welcome our first Environmentalist in Residence, Gabor Sass.

During the month of April, London Public Library's first Environmentalist in Residence, Gabor Sass, will offer practical workshops and will answer your online questions.
Gabor Sass, PHD, Ecosystem Scientist and Sustainability Expert

Gabor is a recognized scientist, consultant, university instructor, writer and community builder who has lived in London with his wife for 19 years. He has worked as an environmental consultant for clients in industry, non-governmental organizations and different levels of government and as an advisor on environmental and planning advisory committees for the City of London. Gabor's community building includes leading initiatives like the Food Forests in Wood Street Park and West Lion's Park and the Pollinator Pathways Project, neighbourhood projects that have introduced residents to urban agricultural practices and current environmental concerns. Gabor and his family work at implementing sustainable practices into their lifestyle wherever they can.

Do you have a question for Gabor?

Do you have a question about environmental issues or steps you can take to sustainability? Share your question with our Environmentalist in Residence, Gabor Sass, using the form below. We'll share information from Gabor and City of London experts, based on your questions, here on our website during the month of April. We'll do our best to address as many questions as possible!

Gabor, with his son Toby and mother Ilona, on the family's Yuba cargo bike after picking up his mom at the Greyhound station downtown, with the trailer attached to carry the luggage. Gabor and his family have always lived without a car. They cycle during good weather and take public transit or walk in the winter, but do rent a car for trips out of town.

Poetree Walk in the Garden All Ages

Celebrate spring in Central Library's Reading Garden by following the words and rhythms of a poem with your feet. Meet our Environmentalist in Residence Gabor Sass who will share what you can do to live more sustainably, with hands-on activities for all ages. Visit the garden anytime in April, during library hours, to walk among our poems.

Small Steps to Sustainability

Join our Environmentalist in Residence, Gabor Sass, in this five-part workshop series. Gabor will explore a new theme each week focusing on ways you and your family can make small steps to living sustainably.

The London Environmental Book Club

Meet London's Environmentalist in Residence, Gabor Sass, and hear about some of his favourite books; stay for a discussion about April's book. Everyone is welcome. The book club meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month.

For more information on what book the Book Club is reading, email:

Love Your Greats: The Search for Social & Environmental Optimism

What does it take to motivate others to actively care for their environment? In most cases, it's a personal experience and a sense of connection that creates the foundation for action. Jennifer Pate is a geographer, entrepreneur and storyteller. Through her research and expeditions on waterways around the world, she will share her vision for making water sources sustainable and accessible. Performance by Spoken Word Artist Awasis, as well as London Arts Council performance: Cycles.

Save Our Great Lakes

Celebrate the Great Lakes! Visit your library during Environmental Week to learn about water conservation and how to save our Great Lakes from pollution with upcycled crafts and interactive activities.

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The Hueston Family Foundation, a registered Canadian charity focusing on animal welfare and environmental issues, is pleased to support London Public Library’s Environmentalist in Residence initiative and environmental events at the Library in April.