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Environmentalist in Residence

Environmentalist in Residence at the London Public Library

The London Public Library is excited to welcome our second Environmentalist in Residence, Andrea Boyer!

During the month of April, Andrea Boyer will offer practical
workshops and classes and answer your online questions.
Andrea carrying a small bird

Dr. Andrea Boyer holds a PhD in Biology with a specialization in Environmental & Sustainability and is an Assistant Professor and researcher at Western University and Fanshawe College. She has contributed her expertise for five years with the Environmental and Ecological Planning Advisory Committee that provides technical advice to the City of London on environmentally significant projects. She volunteers with BirdSafe UWO and Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup events.

Do you have a question for Andrea?

Do you have a question about environmental issues or steps you can take to sustainability? Share your question with our Environmentalist in Residence, Andrea Boyer, using the form below. We'll share information from Andrea and City of London experts, based on your questions, here on our website during the month of April. We'll do our best to address as many questions as possible!

Our Questions forum will be open from April 1 to April 30. Please submit your questions, starting on April 1, to our Environmentalist in Residence, Dr. Andrea Boyer. Answers will be posted every Tuesday.

Events & Programs

Meet & Greet

Meet Andrea Boyer as she begins her term as Environmentalist in Residence for the month of April. Join us for speakers, entertainment, refreshments and activities for all ages.

Food: Reducing Waste Workshop with our Environmentalist in Residence

Learn new ways to produce less waste while shopping, growing, preparing and storing your food. Equipment in Central Library's LABS will be used to help accomplish some of these projects.

Healthy Shorelines and Riverbanks: Workshop with our Environmentalist in Residence

Join our 2020 Environmentalist in Residence Dr. Andrea Boyer and learn what impact you can have on keeping shorelines and riverbanks in our area clean and healthy ecosystems.

Being a Bird Friendly Community: A Workshop with our Environmentalist in Residence

Join our 2020 Environmentalist in Residence Dr. Andrea Boyer and learn about migration patterns and the impact that urban areas are having on bird populations. Learn how to prepare your home and property to be a welcome rest stop for birds and butterflies as well as about some exciting "citizen science" initiatives.

Project Neutral and You: Easy Ways to Contribute Workshop with our Environmentalist in Residence

Join our 2020 Environmentalist in Residence Dr. Andrea Boyer and learn about this global movement and how each of us can make small change in our lives that add up to a big impact on the earth. Also learn about some exciting "citizen science" initiatives to try.

Gardening in the City - 2020 Series
Playin' in the Dirt

Learn the importance of healthy soil and other gardening basics as we get ready for gardening season!

Wednesday March 4, 7-9PM

Fruit Tree Maintenance

Covers the basics of growing fruit in your garden, including berries, grapes and tree fruit. We discuss choosing the right variety for your location, plant nutrition, diseases, pest management, and pruning.

Thursday March 12, 7-9PM

Shrubs: The Garden Warriors!

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Thursday March 19, 7-9PM

More programs about the environment:

Even more events and programs happening! Take a look, there is something for everyone.

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Past Environmentalists
gabor standing in front of a house

Gabor Sass

Gabor is a recognized scientist, consultant, university instructor, writer and community builder who has lived in London with his wife for 19 years. He has worked as an environmental consultant for clients in industry, non-governmental organizations and different levels of government and as an advisor on environmental and planning advisory committees for the City of London. Gabor's community building includes leading initiatives like the Food Forests in Wood Street Park and West Lion's Park and the Pollinator Pathways Project, neighbourhood projects that have introduced residents to urban agricultural practices and current environmental concerns. Gabor and his family work at implementing sustainable practices into their lifestyle wherever they can.

The Hueston Family Foundation, a registered Canadian charity focusing on animal welfare and environmental issues, is pleased to support London Public Library's Environmentalist in Residence initiative and environmental events at the Library in April.