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hoolpa. Borrow free digital videos, music, and audiobooks with your library card

Hoopla is a digital media service that allows you to borrow free videos, music and audiobooks. Your up-to-date London Public Library card provides you with access to this service. Hoopla has a great selection of movies, television shows, educational/instructional videos, documentaries, music and audiobooks. You can borrow Hoopla titles via a computer browser, smartphone or tablet (iOS 6 and select Android devices).

London Public Library's Hoopla service has been generously funded by the Friends of the London Public Library.

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Register for a hoopla account by visiting, or by using the hoopla mobile app on your iOS or Android device. You will need to provide an e-mail address, create a password, and have a valid London Public Library Card ready. If you don't have a library card, please visit our self-registration page to set up an eAccount. Hoopla’s free mobile app can be found in the App Store and the Google Play store.

Easily browse titles on your computer or mobile device by hovering over Browse and clicking on the format (Music, Movies, Audiobooks and Television) you would like in the drop down menu. On a mobile device the formats can be found at the bottom of the screen or the top depending on the device you are using. Tap the desired format to pull up titles. You can also search for a specific title by clicking on Search (website) or tapping the magnifying glass on a mobile device and typing in your title(s)/keyword.

To borrow a title, click on the title and then click the Borrow button. Your borrowed titles can be played right after borrowing, and found under the My Hoopla header in the Currently Borrowed section on the website. On a mobile device you can find your currently borrowed items in the Home menu  Enjoy your selected titles!

Borrowed titles will be automatically returned when your lending period is over. There are no holds, wait lists, or late fees for any of hoopla’s content. If you need additional help, visit the help section on the hoopla mobile app, or click on the Help link found at the bottom of

How many items can I borrow?
You can borrow up to 10 items per calendar month. Limits re-set on the first of each month. Unused checkouts DO NOT rollover to the next month.
How often does hoopla add new content?
Typically, hoopla adds new content weekly, but they are constantly working with content providers to add content to hoopla's offerings.
How long can I borrow them for?
  • Movie and TV content is available for 72 hours (3 days)
  • Music albums are available for 7 days
  • Audiobooks are available for 21 days
When does a new month take effect?
Your account is reset (and borrowed items are cleared from your account) at 8:01pm on the last day of every month. Any borrowing after 8:01 will count towards the next month’s use.
Why are the loan periods for hoopla movies, TV shows and music shorter than for CDs and DVDs?
Studios and music producers determine the loan periods when they make their material available in hoopla.
Do I have to return borrowed titles?
No, the items you borrow will expire automatically. This means no late fees!
Can I return items early?
Yes, you can return a title before the lending period expires. Just click the "Return" button on the title’s info page. Returning an item early does not allow you to borrow more than 10 items per month, but it will remove the item from your device and free up space if you downloaded it.
How can I see my borrowing history?
Once you have borrowed and returned a title via hoopla you can begin viewing your history from the My Hoopla header and then clicking on History on the Hoopla website or on a mobile device by tapping on History.
Is what I watch or listen to on hoopla private?
Yes, as well as your account information. Hoopla is a commercial service whose policies concerning privacy and user information differ from that of the London Public Library. For more information, read hoopla's privacy policy.
What devices are supported by hoopla?

Currently, hoopla is supported by iOS devices that run the latest version of iOS. This includes:

  • iPhone 4 and newer, iPad 2 and newer, iPad Air, iPad Mini, and iPod Touch 5th generation and newer.

Hoopla is also available for Android smartphones and tablets. The hoopla digital app is compatible with select Android devices. This includes:

  • Most devices that support Android OS 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and newer.

The hoopla digital app is also now compatible with 7″ and 8.9″ Kindle Fire HDX devices. You can download the app through

At this time, hoopla is not available on game consoles, Roku, or Chromecast but please stay tuned for future enhancements.

Which browsers are supported by hoopla?
Hoopla supports:
  • Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10
  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox (8 and above)
  • Safari
Some other browsers may work, but those listed have been confirmed to work. You should have the most up to date versions of these browsers.
What is the difference between streaming and downloading?
Streaming is playing audio/video content in real time through the Internet while downloading is saving or storing content to be listened to or viewed at another time.
How do I stream content?
In order to stream content on a web browser, a plug-in called Widevine must be installed. You should be prompted by the web browser to download this plug-in the first time an attempt to view content is made. This is a one-time installation and the prompt for the plug-in should not appear again.
Am I able to download to my PC or Mac?
No. Titles can only be streamed on PC and Mac computers. Titles are available for download on mobile devices, such as iOS (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch) and supported Android phones or tablets.
Why Not?
Once content is downloaded on a computer/web browser, the titles can’t be protected from copying. On an iOS/Android device, the content downloads straight to the app. The content is protected in the app so it cannot be copied, burned, ripped, etc.
Do I need to be connected to the Internet to access hoopla?
Yes, you must be connected to the Internet to access hoopla and to stream the content. You can connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi, 3G and/or 4G (if it is available in your area). Important note: if you are streaming on a smartphone or tablet and are NOT connected to Wi-Fi, you are accessing your data plan and, therefore, paying to stream.
Do I need to be connected to the Internet to download a title on a device?
Yes, you need to be connected to the Internet to access hoopla and download a title. However, once the title is downloaded, you can listen to or watch the title without Internet access.
Are all titles available to download onto a device?
All titles are available for streaming and most are available for download, based on studio or publisher restrictions.
Can hoopla content be streamed on more than one device at a time?
Yes. Hoopla content can be streamed on several devices, but not played at the same time. However, you can begin playing content on one device and then play it later on another device right from where the content was stopped.
Can hoopla content be downloaded on more than one device at a time?
Hoopla content is limited to two downloads per lending period and cannot be played at the same time. However, you can begin playing content on one device and then play it later on another device right from where the content was stopped.
Does any of the video content offer closed captioning?
Yes, hoopla supports closed captioning of video content where available and/or required. Hoopla continues to work with publishing partners and industry resources to expand the availability of closed captioning services.
What if I need help or have more questions?
Please visit hoopla’s help page if you have additional questions!
Thank you to the Friends of the London Public Library for their generous support of Hoopla.

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