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London Public Library Interlibrary Loan (ILLO)

Support for Interlibrary Loan service has been suspended by the Southern Ontario Library Service (SOLS) and the Ontario Library Service - North (OLS - North) as a result of reductions to their budgets which were just announced.

London Public Library is unable to fill Interlibrary loan requests at this time, and will not be taking any additional requests until further notice. We will provide you with updates about Interlibrary loan service as information becomes available.


If you are a London Public Library patron and currently have material borrowed through ILLO, the due dates remain the same.
Microform requests are still available.
We are not accepting ILLO requests at this time.
There is no access to the ILLO request form online.
What is an Interlibrary loan (ILLO)?
Interlibrary loan is a system of borrowing and lending of books between library systems across Canada.
What is a Self Serve Interlibrary loan?

It is the DIY interface accessible by internet to the provincial interlibrary loan system to which the London Public Library belongs. 

This system allows you to search the holdings of other Ontario Public Libraries when you can’t find what you need at London Public Library. 

You can search this database from any computer with an internet connection.



This service is available for people with a valid London Public Library card.

You cannot request:

  • Items already available at London Public Library.
  • Items published less than a year.
  • Audio visual materials (CDs; DVDs; or cassettes).
  • Electronic materials (e-books)
  • Microforms. Please request through Microform Request Form.