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Music Mondays

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No more mundane Mondays

Starting June 10 - Londoners will have a new attitude towards Mondays with the launch of concert series MUSIC MONDAYS at London Public Library.

Music Mondays is a series of free outdoor lunch time concerts taking over Central Library’s Rotary Reading Garden, a beautiful downtown oasis. Each show will feature London artists covering an array of musical genres throughout the summer.

Music Mondays is proudly presented by the Wolf Performance Hall in partnership with London Public Library, London Music Office, London Arts Council and Dundas Place.

Escape the mundane lunchroom and soak up the sun to the sound of talented locals.

Jim MacDonald

Jim MacDonald is a true performer at heart; his passion for music and his obsession to entertain have been a driving force behind his dynamic songwriting and live performances. His diverse musical influences provide a backbone to his creativity that captures the listener with intimate and powerful images that are straight from the heart. His strong descriptive lyrics carry with them the integrity of universal experiences and emotions, woven together with a blend of metaphor and realism.

Jessica Alossery

Jessica Allossery (pronounced a-loss-er-ee) is the new age Joni Mitchell. A travelling songbird in her own right, she combines playful inspirations from Leslie Feist’s pop with Ben Harper’s simple solo-acoustics to create her own sound. The free-spirited indie songstress resides in London Ontario Canada, but spends most of the year travelling in her vintage camper on tour. ‘One song at a time, one audience at a time’ is her motto to get into the hearts of her listeners, as she moves forward in pursuing her life’s calling.

Cameron Jericho

Pulling from both current and legendary influences, Cameron Jericho creates a new and exclusive sound that can only fall under the umbrella of "Folk", while still confidently flirting with the best parts of pop music. Jericho has an impressive repertoire of work, including having a co-written song placed in an award-winning short film, and headlining the grand opening of "The Rosewood" venue in London. Years of performance in almost every size of venue has given Jericho a polished and experienced stage presence, apparent from the very first song of every performance.

Marty Kolls

Marty Kolls is a multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter based in London Ontario. Crossing genres for over 25 years, Kolls has found her greatest inspiration from other female artists. As an educator, mother-of-two and champion of the ‘girl forward’ movement, Kolls’ latest work polarizes her audience with intense raw lyrics and powerful backing band.

Tara Dunphy

Tara Dunphy is an award winning singer, songwriter and musician from London, Ontario, Canada. Now known as primarily traditional country artist, she is the co-founder and co-lead singer of acclaimed Canadian country group The Rizdales, but Tara began her music career at the young age of 3. She began playing traditional Irish music under the guidance of Paddy Fagan, first with the tin whistle and then moving on to the wooden flute. After winning multiple championships for those instruments, Tara turned her focus to the fiddle. Though she was classically trained, her interest in improvisational playing took over and Tara soon discovered a passion for traditional country music.

Jordan MacDonald

Jordan MacDonald is the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for London’s own Texas King.

Delta Stone

Delta Stone and The Wardogs is Canada’s best kept secret; one of a kind handmade boutique original rock’n’roll from London, Ontario. Delta Stone, the lead guitar duo of Ian Stone & Houndog Houle backed up by The Wardogs: Warren ‘Wardog’ Stinson on drums, ‘Cryin’ Ryan McNevin on Keys and Mark Irmler on bass featuring Rickie Lee Olean and Nelle Fuentes on backup vocals. With a 70’s southern rock style that leans hard on the blues they carry with them an established, monumental sound that hits hard, and ensnares audiences in the bastion of rock and roll mythology.

Between the keys

Between the Keys was created through the University of Western Ontario in 2013. The members began playing as an independent group seeking out performances ranging from coffee houses to private functions. The musical talents of Between the Keys soon became evident and the group was selected to be a part of the prestigious Chamber Performance Program at the University of Western Ontario. Under the instruction of virtuoso jazz saxophonist, Barry Usher, the group propelled to success seeing performances across London. They have been featured in the CHRW Sketches in C radio show, UWO Swing Association Final Gala, Grosvenor Lodge’s Grand Opening, Private Functions at the Waltzing Weasel, Jack Richardson Awards Show Jazz Ensemble and many more. They cite musical inspiration from John Coltrane, Kenny Burrell, Bill Evans, Frank Sinatra, Norah Jones, Ella Fitzgerald, and Duke Ellington and perform a variety of jazz genres from stripped down early blues to big band style swing arrangements to laid back modern jazz.

Fraser Teeple

Fraser Teeple has worked as a tree climber for over a decade, while slowly building a catalogue of musical work that stands as an underground gem in the Canadian music scene. His economy and sensitivity as a songwriter evoke a young northern Springsteen, with a textured voice that can cut through an east end dive bar or soulfully creak out a heart-breaker to a still concert hall. Fraser approaches his songwriting craft like a tradesman: he respects the strong tradition he stands within, and works carefully and with dedication to master the simple skills of telling a story, creating an image, or crafting a melody. He has apprenticed in bars, coffee shops, and concert halls across Canada and Europe — and has become a soundtrack for driving down a dirt road, renovating a house, and burning driftwood on a northern beach.

Tanya Lovell

Tanya Lovell is a local blues musician. She has been performing on stage since the age of three, all over the country. Her background is country music, but she has dabbled in every genre possible to fulfill her love of music and entertaining. She is the host of UWO CHRW’s blues radio program as well as Blues On A Sunday jam, a local bi-weekly blues jam at Eastside Bar & Grill, and she performs with Motown band London Funk Express. For London Arts Live, Tanya performs with her two bands Double Clutch Band and Uptown Affair.