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Canada Department of Justice Website
This is the official Canadian government website dedicated to providing PDFs of the full content of frequently accessed Canadian laws, statutes, amendments, etc. Type in, or find and click on the requested laws, statutes, etc. to obtain a PDF of the full content, with table of contents for quick access.

Canadian Encyclopedia
The online Canadian Encyclopedia provides a history of Canada’s legal origins, concise descriptions on all aspects of Canadian law, links to other legal sites, and a glossary of legal terms. Under the "Things" heading click Law to locate keywords on Canadian law, or type your query in the search box provided.

Canadian Law Dictionaries
Canadian Law dictionaries available in our library system.

O'Brien's Encyclopedia of Forms / O'Brien's Online
A compilaton of provincial and federal legal forms useful for wills, leases, family law documents and trusts. Available in print and online.



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Information Databases

O'Brien's Online
Access to a collection of provincial and federal legal forms useful for wills, leases, family law documents, trusts, and more. Forms can be downloaded, edited, saved and printed. O'Brien's is also available in print at Central on the 2nd floor.
Only available from within library locations.


History of Canada in the Making: Common Law and Civil Law
An overview of Canada’s history of law, starting from its French and British origins. Includes bibliography and links to other historical sites.

Introduction to Canada’s Criminal Law and the Jury System
An in-depth explanation of Canadian criminal law, sources of Canada’s criminal law, category of criminal offences, and court and jury systems.
Click on topics of interest for information.

Canadian Human Rights and Charter of Rights and Freedoms
A descriptive account of these rights.

Canada Department of Justice: Family Law Assistance Services
Click on applicable headings for assisted government help, and links to related sites.

Youth Criminal Justice in Canada
The Canadian Children’s Rights Council has created an overview of this topic, with a variety of informative sources.

Access to Justice Network
ACJNet is a gateway to federal, provincial and territorial legal information. The jump menu arranges the site's resources by subjects; including child abuse, AIDS, and literacy.

Canada: Department of Justice Canada 
This site offers a wealth of information about the Canadian justice system. Find publications, statistics, and links to information on topics such as child support, immigration, and court decisions.

Canada: Federal Laws and Legal Information
Canada's federal level Statutes and Regulations. Scroll down the page to view commonly requested Statutes and links to other sites.

Canada: Parliamentary Internet
This site includes explanations of bills being considered in the House and Senate.

Canada: Supreme Court of Canada
Supreme Court judgements, bulletins and news releases can be found through broad subject categories (Aboriginal law, civil rights, medical malpractice), fulltext or field searching.

Canadian Human Rights Act
Full access to the act and an index, from the federal Department of Justice.

Canadian Human Rights Commission
Answers questions on employment equity and discrimination prevention.  Contains links to the federal Human Rights Act and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
The federal Department of Justice link to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

CanLII (Canadian Legal Information Institute)
CanLII is a non-profit organization managed by the Federation of Law Societies of Canada. CanLII's goal is to make Canadian law accessible for free on the Internet.

CLEO (Community Legal Education Ontario)
CLEO provides easy to read material on human rights, women's issues, family law, employment insurance, social assistance, landlord & tenant law, and refugee and immigration law.  Available in the following languages, in addition to English and French: Urdu, Arabic, Tamil, Spanish, Chinese and Somali.

Family Law Education for Women
FLEW is a project funded by the Ontario government to inform women's decisions about family law issues. A primary focus is on women vulnerable due to language, recent immigration, disability or other factors limiting access.

Justice Ontario
Your one stop source for questions about Ontario's legal system, including:  finding a lawyer, tickets and fines, lawsuits and disputes, family and criminal law, human rights, wills and estates

Ontario Courts Services
This website provides full-text PDFs of Ontario Court forms in the areas of Family Law Rules forms; Rules of Civil Procedure forms; and Rules of Small Claims Court forms.

Ontario E-Laws
"E-laws" for access to Ontario Statutes and Regulations and current Bills. 

Ontario Legislative Assembly
The Ontario Legislative Assembly makes their bills available here. An explanation of how a bill becomes law is included.

Ontario: Ministry of the Attorney General
This web site covers popular links, current news items and general reference information that this provincial office is responsible for.