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Social Sciences and Humanities

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We offer related programs to "Social Sciences" such as lectures and workshops. Check out upcoming events at the library.
At the Library

In the Government Documents section on the 2nd Floor of the Central branch library, you will find a wealth of federal and provincial information to meet your Social Science research needs.  A sample includes:


  • Insides on Canadian Society - provides information on various aspects of Canadian Society including labour, income, education, social and demographic issues.
  • Status of Women - the Standing Committee on the Status of Women publishes occasional reports highlighting trends and developments relating to the status of women in Canada.
More government information is available online
Online Articles

Using Information Databases, you will find articles published in magazines, newspapers and academic journals that you can’t find using the Internet.

What are Information Databases?

See all Information Databases.

*If you are using a computer that isn’t in the library, you’ll be asked to type in your library card number.