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Major Sociological Theorists

Emile Durkheim
Frederich Engels
Irving Goffman
Jurgen Habermas
Karl Marx
George Herbert Mead
Thelma McCormick
Dorothy Smith
Emanuel Wallerstein
Max Weber
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Using Information Databases, you will find articles published in magazines, newspapers and academic journals that you can’t find using the Internet. All our databases are listed on our website.
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Recommended Websites

Canadian Social Research Links
This page is an index to Canadian and international government statistics on issues such as homelessness, immigration, poverty, role of women, employment, education, crime and more.

Canadian Social Trends
Incorporating data gathered by Statistics Canada, this quarterly publication has indepth articles on current social trends and their impact on different groups and institutions in Canada. Topics include aging, education, immigration, leisure, income and more. This is an excellent source of information.