To Pledge or Not to Pledge

Have you taken the pledge?  Taking a pledge is usually a good thing, like pledging to take a stand against bullying.  Go to to find out more about this.

But sometimes taking a pledge can be a dangerous thing, when the oppressed become the oppressor. In With or Without You, Brian Farrey's new book, this is what best friends Evan and Davis find out when they join the Chasers, a victims' rights group that promises protection and status in their small, conservative community.  Farrey weaves a bold theme about young gay men finding their way as they graduate from high school.  This fast-paced book looks at bullying in its most severe form as we see the main characters routinely beaten by other youth at their school.  At home, their families dismiss their issues.  When the boys turn to a proactive gay youth group, their lives change for the worse, with devastating consequences. 

This book makes us all think about the many forms of bullying and how we choose to eradicate it from our society.