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Author Spotlight: Britta Teckentrup

We love the whimsical and endearing stories of author/illustrator Britta Teckentrup! Her characters may be grumpy, clumsy, and smelly but they are also kind, clever, friendly and lovable.

Book Cover Image:  Get out of my bath!This whimsical and interactive story will have you splashing along with Ellie the elephant as she tries to regain control when her relaxing bath is invaded by uninvited friends.
Book Cover Image:  Grumpy CatPoor Grumpy Cat is alone and misunderstood until an unexpected friend arrives and brightens his outlook during a terrible rainstorm.
Book Cover Image:  Big Smelly BearLoveable, but stinky, Big Smelly Bear doesn’t think he needs a bath but an unreachable itch and some tough love from Big Fluffy Bear soon convince him otherwise.
Book Cover Image:  Clumsy DuckClumsy Duck is frustrated with her big webbed feet until her friend Little chick helps her to discover what they are good for.

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