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Central Library Open Sundays 1-4pm 2017

Sunday service at Central Library resumes on Sunday, January 8, 2017.  Central Library is open from 1-4 pm on Sundays, excluding February 19 (Family Day Weekend) and April 16 (Easter Sunday), when Central is closed.  


Family Day Sunday Closure

Scott Courtice, London Public Library, Chair of the Board of the London Public Library Board


Susanna Hubbard Krimmer, London Public Library, Chief Executive Officer

Am surprised that the London Public Library is not planning to be open on the Sunday of the Family Day weekend, despite  offering Sunday hours during the winter.  Hours are minimal to begin with - only 3 hours  on Sundays when the Library is open in winter.  I think that the Central Library and perhaps 4 of the city libraries (strategically positioned) should be running more special events for children, teens and parents i.e. Families on Family Day Weekend, not cutting back.  Also not just on Sunday, but also on Monday.  For residents with limited spending money, the library should be providing cost free or minimal cost events during their customers' time off.

As a London taxpaper whose taxes (as well donations and fundraising events) fund the library, I feel it is important that you provide as many cost free or minimal cost events, as possible, to Londoners.  Putting your customers first should be a London Public Library priority.  This doesn't seem to be the case in this instance.  Given that the same closure is planned to happen again on Easter Weekend, my sense is that your strategic plan of being a place for Londoners to visit doesn't seem to have the  necessary follow-through and implementation required to make your plan on paper happen.  At face value it seems that giving staff members a day off or a long weekend is taking precedence.  I would ask and  encourage you to revisit your Sunday closure strategy and ask yourselves if you are making your customers your top priority.


Mary Copps-Sutherland



I've written to the London Public Library before about this issue (although not specifically addressing both the leader of the board and leader of library staff but did receive any response.

I have enclosed my email address and this time would ask for a response from each of you.  If you would prefer to respond by telephone my number is [    ] or by paper mail  my address is [   ]

Thank you in advance,


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