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Redeeming Your Child's Western Fair Pass

Has your child earned a free Western Fair Pass as part of this year's TD Summer Reading Club? To redeem the coupon,  here is what you do:
Go to: (this address is on the back of the coupon)
This takes you to the Buy Tickets page of the Western Fair site.
There is a list of possible tickets types and the related costs.
At the bottom of the list there is a clickable line in blue, called Summer Reading Program.
Click on this.
Then you are directed to type in the code found on your coupon, and your child's age.
Then click Next.
Then you are asked to fill out a form with library location that coupon was received at, parent's name, email address and postal code.
Fill out the form and submit it.
The printable ticket is then sent to the email address provided.
Therei's still time to sign up for the TD Summer Reading Club and read to earn a free Western Fair Pass.  Ask at any location!
Thank you to Western Fair District for this great reading incentive!



More effort than previous years but the submission page works. Thank you for running this reward in conjunction with the summer reading program!

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