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Access to

Access to through our website has been resolved. 

Please note that if you are downloading the app, you will need to sign up through your "organization". To do this, click on Already a member? -> Organization -> Under Web Portal type in . It then will direct you to your web browser to authenticate using Library Card and Password (you can create a password at this point if you don't have one). It will then ask if you want to open the app, click yes and you are in. This is a one time authentication process, after that you can just directly access the app. Please call us at 519-661-4600 if you have issues or other questions.



I have changed my e-mail to

I have changed my e-mail. I have forgotten my password so I can't get in and the old e-mail is no longer working. Please help to get back into your web site.


Thank you


To Reset your Password

You will need to contact to reset your Lynda password:

Not working

  • 06/03/2018 - Doesn't seem to work: The org parameter is not valid. Your request could not be processed. Have your library contact

Issues with not working

We have shared your issue with our staff. They recommend that you try using this page to log in: which should link to this page: Thank you for alerting us to your issue. Please feel free to call us at 519-661-4600 with your questions.


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