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Carry On

Reviewed by Nicolai Hughes, Teen Advisory Council

Carry on coverCarry On by Rainbow Rowell is a great book for anyone who was a fan of the Harry Potter series, with a similar setting, and a comparable, but more diverse, cast of lovable and complex characters. It’s very progressive and modern, with several LGBTQ+ protagonists and heavy pop culture references throughout. It offers great representation for minorities. Despite appearing to be a lengthy novel, it's an easy read with a simple writing style, so it doesn't take too long to finish. This is great read if you like both magic and coming of age type stories, or if you're interested in fantasy novels that focus more on the characters than the world. The first half of the novel is paced almost agonizingly slow, but if you're willing to be patient and stick around, it speeds up enough to keep you hooked for the latter half, making it not intolerable in my opinion. Overall, I think this book is definitely worth the time of any young adult who wants a fun book that they can simply enjoy, without worrying about heavy, action-packed plotlines, or confusing plot holes and twists.