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Celebrate Indigenous Children’s Authors! June 11 - 21, 2019

Celebrate Indigenous Children's Authors - Activity

Drop into your local library from June 11-21st to explore the Art & Storytelling of Indigenous Children’s Authors, Danielle Daniel and Julie Flett!

Julie Flett is an award-winning Cree-Métis artist and writer. Her books include: Wild BerriesOwls See Clearly at Night and Birdsong. She recently illustrated A Day with Yayah, and the wonderful board book We Sang You Home. Her collage illustrations create a textured, layered look that makes her work both unique and distinctly Julie Flett!

Danielle Daniel is a Métis artist and writer. Her book, Sometimes I Feel Like a Fox was named one of New York Public Library's Most Notable Titles in 2015. In her illustrated collection of short poems, Once in a Blue Moon, Daniel shows the sometimes hidden beauty in nature and invites us all to reflect on what we can find “once in a blue moon…”