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Agent 009 in Clueville

kids dressed up like detectives

Greetings Secret Agents! Have you solved the case of the mysterious sounds in Lady X’s Library? Well so has Agent 009, the best mystery-solving dog in Clueville. We hope that you have read many amazing books this summer, and used your spy skills to discover lots of clues. Now we can reveal the solution of the mystery to you!


It turns out that storybook characters from all the books in Lady X’s Private Library were coming to life at night! And they didn’t stop there.

On our Clueville game board, you may have seen a pirate searching for treasure in the bank, an alien walking down the sidewalk, and many others. Of course you must have seen Anne of Green Gables on one of the weekly sticker clues! They weren’t content to be sitting on the shelves of Lady X’s library; they wanted to be discovered by you!

All of these creatures and more can be found in books that you can borrow at your Public Library. Did you notice London Public Library on the Clueville game board? That’s the best place to get books all year round. Of course the last sticker clue, a dog bone, was the special reward that Agent 009 the detective dog received for solving the mystery.

Thanks for being such a super spy, and be sure to join London Public Library’s TD Summer Reading Club next summer!

And thanks to Sarah and Martha for sending in their guesses last week. Congratulations to Sarah for her correct guess :)




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