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Go With the Flow River Festival

May 2, 2008 - As part of London Public Library's participation in Celebrate the Thames 2008, we are hosting a River Festival featuring presentations, workshops and displays at the Central Library from 11 am - 4 pm on Saturday, May 10. Select read more to see the schedule of events and a video created by the London Free Press of Penn Kemp, a poet who will be reading on Saturday. Please join us!.

 Go with the Flow River Festival

11 am - 4 pm, Saturday, May 10 at Central Library


Films                     Presentations
Tonda Meeting Room          
Stevenson & Hunt Meeting Room


11 am
Bridges of London
11 am
Cornelia Hoogland, reading her original Thames River Poetry
11:30 am
Lost April
London Camera Club workshop
12:30 pm
Vagabonds & Visionaries
  1 pm
Upper Thames Conservation Authority
The Story of the River - Steve Sauder
1:30 pm
  2 pm
"Revisiting the Thames River"
Multimedia presentation by Pat Donnelly
2:30 pm
Canadian Heritage Rivers
  3 pm
Pat Kemp, Poetry Reading
3:30 pm
Flood of 1937


Hudson Bay Passageway


 River Artists:
Kevin Bice - all day
Upper Thames River Conservation Authority  Friends of the Coves
McIlwraith Field Naturalists
 Maurice Stubbs & Iris Waddell - 11am - 1pm  Pendas Books City of London -
Pat Donnelly, Urban Watershed
Program Manager
 Kirtley Jarvis & Helmut Becker - 1 - 2 pm  London Public Library  City of London Thames Valley Corridor
 Marion Drysdale  London Camera Club  Andrew Macpherson, Manager,
Parks Planning and Design
 The Thames River Revisited
(Recreating the Paul Peel canoe trip)
 Brush & Palette Club  Thames River Urban Water Cycle
   London Canoe Club  



painting by Maurics Stubbs of the River Thames
Maurice Stubbs