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It's a Whole New Year!

It’s hard to believe that we’re already so far into 2008! It’s sure to be a great year, but before we rush on and leave 2007 behind, why not take a few minutes to tell us about a great book that you read last year? Whether you read loads of books or just one or two, we’d love to hear about one that you really liked.

Have you ever shared a good book with a friend? Or had one passed on to you? Well here’s your chance to share with oodles of friends! Just add a comment to this story to share your suggestions. Be sure to come back and check out your friends’ recommendations too!

Update:  We already have some great suggestions!  Keep them coming!

Your recommendations:
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Book Cover Image:  Grumpy Bird by Jeremy Tankard


Jeremy Tankard, author of Grumpy Bird will be making a special presentation during our Family Literacy Day Celebration at the Central Library on Saturday, January 26th!

Book Cover Image:  When The Bough Breaks by Irene WattsBook Cover Image:  The Higher Power Of Lucky by Susan PatronBook Cover Image:  Butterfly Butterfly by Petr Horacek

Book Cover Image:  Goodnight, Sweet Pig by Linda BaileyBook Cover Image:  Aliens Love Underpants by Claire Freedman & Ben CortBook Cover Image:  Bad Dog, Marley! by John Grogan

Book Cover Image:  Mr Maxwell's Mouse by Frank AschBook Cover Image:  Fire Within by Chris D'Lacey



Frank Asch's Mr. Maxwell's Mouse

If you are looking for an enjoyable cat and mouse tale then look no further then Mr.Maxwell's Mouse. After receiving a promotion Mr. Maxwell decides to order a special meal of live mouse at his favourite restaurant, but gets a little more than he bargained for. The amazing illustrations and great writing combine to offer a wonderful reading experience.

Dragon Trilogy

If you like dragons, you have to read Fire Within, Ice Fire and Fire Star by Chris D'Lacey. The books are about mysterious clay dragons that have super powers - like being able to see the future.

Bad Dog, Marley!

Marley is a really cute Labrador puppy who finds a home with Mommy, Daddy, Cassie and Baby Louie, but Marley doesn't stay cute for very long! Marley eats and eats and drinks and drinks until he becomes a big dog who gets into endless trouble. Marley swallows Daddy's paycheck and even brings home the neighbour's underwear! This family almost finds a new home for this big pure hearted dog until one day he surprises everyone! This was a great book and kept me laughing all the way!

Aliens Love Underpants

This is a wonderful book to read aloud with a fun rhyme and rhythm and lots of laughs! Aliens Love Underpants by Claire Freedman & Ben Cort

great book

thanks for the recommendation - I really like the book hook videos too!

Goodnight, Sweet Pig

My one-year-old son requests Goodnight, Sweet Pig almost every night!  He and I both love this rhyming, counting bedtime story full of funny, colourful pictures and cute pigs.  Shakespeare references add to the humour.

Hamlette the pig is trying to go to bed, but one perky pig after another enters her room performing some kind of activity until her bedroom is a noisy, crowded mess.  How will she ever get some sleep?  Read and find out!

Written by an award-winning author, this book was included on Toronto Public Library's First & Best Booklist for 2007.

Butterfly, Butterfly

You can't miss this book by Petr Horacek! Meet Lucy, who loves the beautiful butterfly that visits her backyard. One day, the butterfly didn't come and Lucy looked everywhere for it but could not find it. Instead, she found many other delightful creatures in her backyard. This book has bright, bold pictures and die-cut pages that are perfect for playing "I spy." Keep your eyes open for a colorful surprise ending!





                                            Just finished "The higher power of Lucky" by Susan Patron. A great story of a young survivor who shows wisdom, as well as a pure streak of evil as she adjusts to the death of her mother. Her unique view of the world, coloured by her small town in the desert Hard Pan, will make you laugh, and also earn your admiration. Lucky searches for her higher power and teaches the reader quite a lot by the end of this short Newbery award winner.

When the Bough Breaks by Irene N. Watts

This is a suspenseful read with lots of wonderful historical details. I love to read any books that have anything to do with Home Children. They are only a very minor part of this story, but their relevance to the plot was a lovely surprise for me. My grandfather was a Home Child and he didn't really have a childhood or an adolescence because he worked all his life from the time he arrived in Canada from England at the age of 10. When the Bough Breaks is, in part, about children having to grow up too soon. I originally chose this book to read because of the picture on the cover and the interesting title; however, I loved the characters and plot. I recommend it to anyone who likes historical fiction.

Grumpy Bird by Jeremy Tankard

I loved this picture book! We all wake up on the wrong side of the bed every now and again and this story about a bird that is feeling too grumpy to fly is sure to make you smile, even on your grumpiest of days.

This book was also nominated for the 2008 Blue Spruce Award.

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