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Library Browsing Goes Mobile

Imagine this - you are at work, out with friends or listening to the radio, and you hear about a book you'd love to read, or a recording by a local band you'd like to hear. You pull out your smart phone, go to, search for the item in the library's catalogue and place a hold on it for pick up at your local branch. The task is done and off your mind. But wait, it gets better.

Now you are out and about running errands and your phone beeps with an incoming text message. It's us, the library, texting you to say that your item is now available for you to pick up. You swing by, check out the item and you're on your way home to enjoy it. No extra trips, no phone messages missed.

Bookmark our new mobile sites today:  - mobile web site  - mobile catalogue

/page/text-message-library-notices  - to learn how to set up email to text (SMS) notices


It's great when it works

I get on the site ok, it's when I try to log into My Account that I have problems. I tried to do it just last night several times, but it kept on timing out and telling me to try again later. I tried this morning and it finally worked - but now I have $6 in fines. Not happy. LG Android version Otherwise, it is very handy.


Mobile Library Website

This is a great service...very handy.

Some observations and questions for you:

- the transition to to overdirve was good but getting back to was not so clear

- do you plan to make a mobile version of "my account"? right now it takes me to the desktop sign in screen which is very hard to see.



Mobile "My Account"

Thanks for your great feedback. Yes, a mobile version of My Account is in the works.

I'll pass on your comment about the Overdrive site. Hopefully, they can help us out.

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