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Ontario's Public Libraries on Film

ontario federation of public libraries

Recently, the Ontario Federation of Public Libraries gathered together a number of promotional videos produced by member libraries. LPL's video is one of the ones featured on their website. If you missed it, you can take a look as well as see how other libraries promote their services.

Scriptural Reasoning at Huron University College

In 2009, the Centre for Abrahamic Religions at Huron University College presented "Not Consensus but Friendship: the Performance and Practice of Scriptural Reasoning." The presentation featured Professor Peter Ochs.

Simple Machines from NeoK12

A simple definition and links to videos about simple machines and how they work.


View video clips and learn more about the elements that make up avalanches.

World War I

An overview of the entire war and all countries involved. How it began, battles and the major people involved in the war. Find loads of photos and maps too!

CBC Digital Archives

Watch and listen to television and radio clips of the stories of Canada’s involvement in WWI.

Media That Matters Film Festival

Media That Matters Film Festival website.  Watch the newest collection, browse by issue, or view the festival archives through the dropdown menu.  Enjoy the films, take action, and don't forget to share your comments!