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Lincoln's Bishop

book cover image: Lincoln's bishop

A president, a priest, and the fate of 300 Dakota Sioux warriors

The night Canada stood still

book cover image: the night Canada stood still: how the 1995 Quebec referendum nearly cost us our country

On October 30, 1995 the country stood still, frozen to television sets, watching the Quebec Referendum. 

Our Canadian Government

The second edition of Gateway to Canada is an advanced ESL reading text.  It also is a great book for grade school students to gain an understanding of Canadian topics such as history, geography, politics, sports, art and culture.  The beautiful full-colour photographs alone make

De-constructing the Grits

Peter C. Newman has been writing about Canadian politics for nearly half a century, is author of over twenty-five books including The Secret Mulroney Tapes : Unguarded Confessions of a Prime Minister (2005) one of the most controversial books ever published in Canada.

Tax Facts

Evelyn Jacks' Essential Tax Facts is a must read before filing your next tax return.  The first part of this book jumps right in to talking about the tax changes for 2011.

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